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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
65585notabugCan't build Guix from source due to failure to build cookbookMon Aug 28 19:04:24+0200 2023Done
65523notabugpackage `guile@3.0.9' has an invalid input: ("_" #<syntax-transformer pkg-config>)Fri Aug 25 09:20:25+0200 2023Done
64113notabugpatchmoreinfo[PATCH] gnu: Add missing native search paths to audio plugins.Fri Jun 16 19:08:24+0200 2023Done
60082notabugopenblas FTBFS in KVM with default CPUThu Dec 15 08:43:24+0100 2022Done
58582notabugmoreinfopatch[PATCH] gnu: Fix dbus session address in home-dbus-shepherd-services and home-dbus-environment-variablesMon Oct 17 13:43:25+0200 2022Done
43610notabugIceCat segfaultFri Sep 25 15:26:24+0200 2020Done
42752patchnotabug[PATCH core-updates] gnu: bash: Make completions work in non-login shells.Sat Aug 08 00:14:24+0200 2020Done
37145notabugQemu VM with default settings runs out of ram during guix pullThu Aug 22 16:19:24+0200 2019Done
28230notabugoffloading does not transfer build logsFri Aug 25 16:42:25+0200 2017Done
21097notabugunreproducibleverify-store test failure on armhf-linuxMon Jul 20 21:06:25+0200 2015Done
63376notabug(no subject)Mon May 08 18:11:25+0200 2023Done
63190notabug[Shepherd] Nested calls lead to a hangSun Apr 30 17:21:24+0200 2023Done
62949notabuglibgcrypt version in core-updatesWed Apr 19 18:28:26+0200 2023Done
62936notabug[core-updates] pre-inst-env no longer worksTue Apr 18 16:57:25+0200 2023Done
62643patchnotabug[PATCH] gnu: rust-1.65: Rename package to rust-next.Mon Apr 03 16:00:25+0200 2023Done
61987notabug'current-guix' uses configure flags of Git checkoutSun Mar 05 19:43:25+0100 2023Done
61798notabuginfodoc patch doesn't apply to linux 6.2Sun Feb 26 03:21:24+0100 2023Done
61329notabugInfoMon Feb 06 18:49:25+0100 2023Done
60141notabugStack smashing detected after first guix pull on fresh Ubuntu 22.04 guix installSat Dec 17 04:34:26+0100 2022Done
60135notabugpatch[PATCH] doc: fix typosSat Dec 17 03:09:25+0100 2022Done
60134patchnotabug[PATCH 3/3] patman: locate README.rst via importlibSat Dec 17 02:45:26+0100 2022Done
60133patchnotabug[PATCH 2/3] patman: fix installation of README.rst data fileSat Dec 17 02:45:26+0100 2022Done
60132patchnotabug[PATCH 1/3] patman: remove extraneous importsSat Dec 17 02:45:25+0100 2022Done
59783notabug[version 1.4.0rc1] Suggested window managers don't work out of the boxFri Dec 02 18:50:24+0100 2022Done
59363notabugThe package transformation 'with-commit' does not work in user-friendly wayFri Nov 18 16:56:25+0100 2022Done
59343notabugGDM hangs at login screenThu Nov 17 23:11:25+0100 2022Done
59071notabugguix home does not respect package outputsSun Nov 06 09:36:24+0100 2022Done
58640notabugGarbage collector ('gc') deletes valid user roots when $HOME is inaccessibleWed Oct 19 19:14:24+0200 2022Done
58084notabugSystem activation fails due to preexisting /etc/modprobe.dMon Sep 26 04:37:24+0200 2022Done
58022patchnotabug[PATCH 0/2] python-protontricks: New packages + python-vdf dependencyFri Sep 23 13:15:25+0200 2022Done
57490notabugUPower ignores ‘critical-power-action’Tue Aug 30 17:59:25+0200 2022Done
57436notabugRunning ./configure from `guix shell -D guix --pure` errorsFri Aug 26 19:33:24+0200 2022Done
57384patchnotabug[PATCH 0/1] gnu: transmission: Add libappindicator to inputs.Wed Aug 24 16:51:24+0200 2022Done
57315notabugguix upgrade --dry-run output is basically uselessSun Aug 21 08:49:24+0200 2022Done
57285notabugxdg-desktop-portal update executables no longer ELF binariesThu Aug 18 21:36:25+0200 2022Done
57217notabughome-openssh-service-type creates .ssh/config with wrong permissionsMon Aug 15 00:02:25+0200 2022Done
56866notabug[Shepherd] inetd connections not correctly counted?Mon Aug 01 10:39:24+0200 2022Done
56619notabugInkscape crashes on startup, renders package unusableSun Jul 17 18:22:24+0200 2022Done
55857notabugOdd Shepherd message on 'guix system reconfigure': (map (# ?) ?)Wed Jun 08 20:57:24+0200 2022Done
55709notabugR texinfo documents are not showing up for meSun May 29 17:50:24+0200 2022Done
54773notabugBugThu Apr 07 19:41:24+0200 2022Done
53923notabug‘http-fetch’ is unable to fetch <>Thu Feb 10 19:05:25+0100 2022Done
53657notabuginconsistent parsing of the channel sexp'sMon Jan 31 13:30:25+0100 2022Done
53344notabugInconsistency detected by dl-call-libc-early-init.c: 37: _dl_call_libc_early_init: Assertion `sym != NULL' failed!Tue Jan 18 15:10:24+0100 2022Done
53156notabugGUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET with ssh doesn't cache connectionsMon Jan 10 10:46:25+0100 2022Done
51991notabugguix deploy with (with build-locally #f) needlessly syncs build artifactsSat Nov 20 04:58:25+0100 2021Done
51901notabugpatch[PATCH] rust-cargo-make: Initial commitTue Nov 16 23:33:24+0100 2021Done
51696notabugRequest: Adopt the unofficial GUIX community on MatrixTue Nov 09 00:47:24+0100 2021Done
51645notabugProposal: Integrate a method for bug bountiesSun Nov 07 00:34:25+0100 2021Done
51494notabugguix shell make --rebuild-cache on manifest changeFri Oct 29 23:30:25+0200 2021Done
51492notabugRequest to use GNU guix reproducibility bugs data for research project | University of WaterlooFri Oct 29 21:27:25+0200 2021Done
50501notabugpackages->manifest can lose the desired package outputFri Sep 10 11:36:24+0200 2021Done
49325notabugbrdf-explorer assumes #!/bin/sh existsFri Jul 02 10:16:25+0200 2021Done
48910notabugVery slow startup of GTK+ applicationsTue Jun 08 00:30:25+0200 2021Done
47812notabugIncorrect code in the Guix manual, but only on the websiteFri Apr 16 01:52:25+0200 2021Done
47786notabugSeveral build --keep-failed result in wrong env variablesThu Apr 15 06:05:24+0200 2021Done
47734notabugmoreinfoGuix install script on foreign distro fails to add berlin public keyMon Apr 12 21:48:24+0200 2021Done
47724notabugerror: connect: /run/user/1000/shepherd/socket: No such file or directoryMon Apr 12 14:54:25+0200 2021Done
47662notabugReplace/Remove UUID request in config.scmThu Apr 08 20:01:24+0200 2021Done
47632notabugExtracting guix.iso.xz with Xarchiver will give damaged .isoWed Apr 07 07:28:25+0200 2021Done
47631notabugAdd graphical installation and solve tons of headacheWed Apr 07 07:13:25+0200 2021Done
47537notabugspecification->package does not seem to support outputsThu Apr 01 08:19:24+0200 2021Done
47230notabugBuild phase to graft during build for better grafts QAThu Mar 18 12:38:24+0100 2021Done
47228notabugCheck binary consistency after grafting with e.g. lddThu Mar 18 11:37:25+0100 2021Done
47226notabugfennel package not working with generic-html refresh updaterThu Mar 18 10:05:24+0100 2021Done
47218notabugglibc 2.33's HWCAPS and GCC Function Multiversioning for performanceWed Mar 17 20:00:24+0100 2021Done
46778notabugset-grafting: regression in "guix graph"Thu Feb 25 19:06:24+0100 2021Done
46353notabugFailing test: guix-git-authenticate.shSun Feb 07 00:14:25+0100 2021Done
45621notabugguix refresh -l and deprecated-package issueSun Jan 03 14:24:25+0100 2021Done
45436notabugdino translations are not usedFri Dec 25 21:27:24+0100 2020Done
45173notabug‘guix search’ traverses all the modules when extra channels are usedFri Dec 11 10:29:25+0100 2020Done
44777notabugMissing font(s) for ‘xfce-desktop-service-type’Sat Nov 21 15:12:25+0100 2020Done
44735notabuggilbc of the running system got wiped while building a package, system brokenThu Nov 19 09:03:25+0100 2020Done
44612notabugRead standard input in `guix repl'Fri Nov 13 10:41:24+0100 2020Done
44452notabugClash between guile-3.0 and guile-3.0-latestWed Nov 04 19:47:25+0100 2020Done
44373notabugbug-guix , [[spam redacted]]Sun Nov 01 16:23:26+0100 2020Done
44327notabug`guix install` doesn't warn about collison in profileFri Oct 30 12:18:26+0100 2020Done
44254notabugPerformance of package input rewritingTue Oct 27 14:26:24+0100 2020Done
43802notabugKnot: Linker runs very slowly and crashes during buildSun Oct 04 23:00:25+0200 2020Done
43528notabugDownload all issues so I can search?Sun Sep 20 10:13:24+0200 2020Done
43079notabugguix ignores available substitutesFri Aug 28 01:39:24+0200 2020Done
42569notabug'No such file or directory builder' error while building with qemu-binfmt and --system=aarch64-linuxTue Jul 28 03:53:25+0200 2020Done
42247notabugChannel news raise error on `guix pull`Tue Jul 07 16:54:25+0200 2020Done
41941notabugSigning git commits with PGP failsFri Jun 19 00:35:25+0200 2020Done
41907notabug[security] Substitutes fetched from server with no authorized keyWed Jun 17 09:38:24+0200 2020Done
41794notabugThoughts on using Zstd compression instead of lzipWed Jun 10 21:23:24+0200 2020Done
41494notabugguix build error on armhf - hash-algorithm: unbound variableSat May 23 23:14:26+0200 2020Done
41458notabugMisleading error message when call guix command using pre-inst-env scriptFri May 22 16:59:25+0200 2020Done
41038notabuggcc creates binaries that don't find their shared librariesSun May 03 01:55:24+0200 2020Done
40804notabugIssue with script?Fri Apr 24 01:21:24+0200 2020Done
40769notabugGit error: object not found when running guix pullWed Apr 22 17:04:26+0200 2020Done
40603notabugSpaceFMMon Apr 13 19:16:25+0200 2020Done
40424notabugweak hash table corruption (in grafting?)Sat Apr 04 12:24:24+0200 2020Done
40369notabugguix environment messed up shellWed Apr 01 12:36:25+0200 2020Done
39991notabugheader intacSun Mar 08 23:24:24+0100 2020Done
39713notabugWas told on IRC (#guix at freenode) to share the details of my problem with Guix (SD) via emailFri Feb 21 16:32:24+0100 2020Done
39387notabugBuilds are *not* offloaded when using the "--keep-failed" or -K option.Sun Feb 02 05:57:24+0100 2020Done
39313notabugartanis's guile-json in conflict with guixMon Jan 27 20:04:25+0100 2020Done
39297notabugguix repl loads Guild 3.0.0 despite dependency is guile@2.2.6Sun Jan 26 18:36:25+0100 2020Done
39010notabugpatch[PATCH] download, git: Refer to the right module in 'module-use!' call.Tue Jan 07 14:34:24+0100 2020Done
38940notabug\x1b]8;; OSC character displayed on hyperlinks shown after calls to `guix describe` or `guix show` on mate-terminal 1.12.1 (Trisquel 8)Sun Jan 05 07:48:24+0100 2020Done
38422notabug.png files in /gnu/store with executable permissions (555)Fri Nov 29 09:00:24+0100 2019Done
38420notabugPython 2 end of life: tracking progressThu Nov 28 19:19:25+0100 2019Done
38088notabugGuix system becomes unresponsive after backtraceWed Nov 06 15:15:24+0100 2019Done Fails to detect signing key on Debian10.Sun Oct 27 10:00:24+0100 2019Done
37842notabugMultiple channels with the same name hangs 'guix pull'Mon Oct 21 03:50:25+0200 2019Done
37482notabugGuix fails to build libreofficeSun Sep 22 18:52:24+0200 2019Done
36840notabugFailing tests (tests/swh.scm tests/pypi.scm tests/gem.scm tests/crate.scm tests/cpan.scm)Mon Jul 29 18:16:25+0200 2019Done
36753notabugThe GUI installer throws an errorMon Jul 22 00:45:26+0200 2019Done
36457notabugGuix does not match point-versions correctlyMon Jul 01 11:11:24+0200 2019Done
36456notabugGuix stumbles on duplicates?Mon Jul 01 10:38:25+0200 2019Done
36261notabugDoes not reboot after guix init systemMon Jun 17 13:16:25+0200 2019Done
36176notabug``make check'' 3 failures?Wed Jun 12 06:14:25+0200 2019Done
35947notabugTue May 28 16:41:24+0200 2019Done
35908notabugguix describe: error: failed to determine origin (and possibly failed upgrades)Sat May 25 23:54:24+0200 2019Done
35900notabugCan't logout and login againSat May 25 16:37:25+0200 2019Done
35864notabug~/.local/bin is missing in default PATH on Guix SystemThu May 23 14:27:24+0200 2019Done
35806notabugLogin passwords incorrect on some newly installed 1.0.1 systemsMon May 20 11:39:25+0200 2019Done
35703notabugBootstrap error - Current masterSun May 12 23:07:24+0200 2019Done
35691notabug[bug-guix] remote configure failure due to bad pathnames for crt*.oSun May 12 01:24:25+0200 2019Done
35566notabugDvorak keyboard layout in graphical installl modeSat May 04 22:45:25+0200 2019Done
35303notabugWed Apr 17 06:33:25+0200 2019Done
35242notabugBacktrace on building with load pathFri Apr 12 07:13:25+0200 2019Done
35030notabugError on update by rootThu Mar 28 15:58:25+0100 2019Done
34897notabugSystem reconfigure errorSun Mar 17 21:20:24+0100 2019Done
34768notabugguix-daemon tmpfs out of space on parabolaWed Mar 06 15:02:25+0100 2019Done
34590notabugEffects of GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH and --load-path differWed Feb 20 11:37:25+0100 2019Done
34573notabugBacktrace of guix pull failedTue Feb 19 16:28:24+0100 2019Done
34494notabugproot-based non-root setup: refusing to run with elevated privileges (UID 0)Fri Feb 15 22:09:25+0100 2019Done
34399notabuggnome-online-accounts recommends non-free software/serviceSat Feb 09 07:48:25+0100 2019Done
34298notabugdbus et wicdSun Feb 03 15:59:25+0100 2019Done
34282notabugoffload: error parsing derivation `*.drv': expected string `Derive(['Fri Feb 01 21:58:24+0100 2019Done
34257notabugWant use hurdWed Jan 30 15:48:24+0100 2019Done
34030notabugOffloading sets mtime relative to current timezoneThu Jan 10 15:15:25+0100 2019Done
33758notabugNo longer possible to run ./pre-inst-env guix without compiling firstSat Dec 15 08:49:25+0100 2018Done
33691notabugpre-inst-env: "no code for module (gcrypt hash)"Sun Dec 09 23:41:25+0100 2018Done
33557notabugguix errors, if you wantFri Nov 30 12:56:25+0100 2018Done
33537notabugguix system error: In procedure swapon: "/dev/sda2": Invalid argumentWed Nov 28 08:31:24+0100 2018Done
33413notabug(Cuirass, berlin) raw logs are empty for guix-modular-masterSat Nov 17 13:18:25+0100 2018Done
33326notabuggnupg: error: .config/guix/upstream/trustedkeys.kbx': No such file or directoryFri Nov 09 19:15:24+0100 2018Done
33262notabugguix fails to find and use some available substitutesMon Nov 05 02:10:25+0100 2018Done
33261notabug[substitute-urls] Fails when given only ""Mon Nov 05 00:42:25+0100 2018Done
33190notabugChoose devices according to linux-libre codeSun Oct 28 19:45:24+0100 2018Done
32952notabug"make check-system" fails to report record-abi-mismatch-errorSat Oct 06 09:30:25+0200 2018Done
32339notabug"nix import" failsTue Jul 31 22:00:24+0200 2018Done
32336notabugherd stop mcron yields instant shutdown of computerTue Jul 31 20:59:25+0200 2018Done
31885notabugBug when running guix system reconfigure after recent guix pullMon Jun 18 21:26:25+0200 2018Done
31841notabugGuix requires guile-sqlite3Fri Jun 15 04:26:25+0200 2018Done
31838unreproduciblenotabug"make" error on guix masterFri Jun 15 02:42:24+0200 2018Done
31632notabugwmaker not recognized by slimMon May 28 23:26:25+0200 2018Done
31030notabugfailing test-suiteMon Apr 02 22:32:25+0200 2018Done
30914notabugguix build --with-source: transformation had no effectFri Mar 23 05:43:25+0100 2018Done
30710notabugguix graph gives duplicate nodesMon Mar 05 10:37:25+0100 2018Done
30394notabug'posix_spawn' glibc 2.26 race condition fires under qemu-binfmtThu Feb 08 17:43:24+0100 2018Done
30384notabugadditional inputs required for Blender pluginsWed Feb 07 22:43:25+0100 2018Done
30250notabugTwo failures on ‘make -k "-j$(nproc)" check’Thu Jan 25 17:26:24+0100 2018Done
30166notabugguix system vm-image produces ERROR: In procedure copy-file: SuccessFri Jan 19 02:36:24+0100 2018Done
29675notabugdatabases should be created with chattr +CTue Dec 12 12:46:25+0100 2017Done
29662notabug'guix gc' as user makes system unbootableMon Dec 11 18:24:25+0100 2017Done
29431notabuggjs errorFri Nov 24 21:05:24+0100 2017Done
29356notabug1 test-suite test failsSun Nov 19 15:21:24+0100 2017Done
29312notabugGRUB with multiple partitions with identical bzImageThu Nov 16 01:36:24+0100 2017Done
29196notabugupstreaming of reproducibility related patchesTue Nov 07 18:17:25+0100 2017Done
29088notabugSuperseded package is not rebuild if native dependency changesTue Oct 31 18:33:24+0100 2017Done
29072notabugguix system: error: qemu-CVE-2017-7493.patch: patch not foundMon Oct 30 21:34:24+0100 2017Done
28858notabugmake fails: In procedure allocate-struct: Wrong type argument in position 2: 5Mon Oct 16 09:12:27+0200 2017Done
28776notabugguix system reconfigure does not update path to nginx configurationTue Oct 10 11:38:24+0200 2017Done
28610notabugtcsh 6.20.00 testsuite: 68 failedTue Sep 26 17:30:25+0200 2017Done
28168notabugrofi - Failed to set locale and relink messagesMon Aug 21 07:10:24+0200 2017Done
27862notabugtor-hidden-service should support IPv6Fri Jul 28 17:47:25+0200 2017Done
27733notabugGCC compiler error when building LibreOffice Jul 17 15:03:25+0200 2017Done
27388fixednotabugoffloading: Add support for keyfile-less keys as used by GnuPGThu Jun 15 20:56:25+0200 2017Done
27386notabugoffloading documentation and envThu Jun 15 19:06:24+0200 2017Done
27314notabugguix includes wrong directory in build environmentSat Jun 10 20:07:24+0200 2017Done
27244notabugShould not $GUIX_LOCPATH belong to ‘glibc-locales’ rather than ‘glibc’?Mon Jun 05 03:58:25+0200 2017Done
27231notabugregression?: grub-configuration for grub-efi does not return a bootloader-configurationSun Jun 04 12:46:25+0200 2017Done
27028notabugCannot install packages in USB imageMon May 22 22:48:25+0200 2017Done
26764notabugProblem building masterWed May 03 20:59:25+0200 2017Done
26566notabugSwap partition on GuixSDWed Apr 19 18:46:27+0200 2017Done
25969notabugguix-patches debbugs appears to mangle patchesSat Mar 04 23:55:24+0100 2017Done
25881notabugguix package --remove $PKG downloads and updates other packagesSun Feb 26 18:01:24+0100 2017Done
25694notabugthe first messageSun Feb 12 14:19:25+0100 2017Done
25311moreinfonotabugLUKS-related installation errorSat Dec 31 18:25:27+0100 2016Done
25286notabugcow-store destroys /tmpWed Dec 28 17:17:25+0100 2016Done
25248notabugplease, include Legacy Grub in your distroThu Dec 22 18:10:25+0100 2016Done
25142notabugopenssl lacks lib/libssl.aThu Dec 08 22:41:25+0100 2016Done
25136notabuglocale confusionThu Dec 08 14:48:25+0100 2016Done
25095notabugMultiple output packages causes noop profile generationsFri Dec 02 18:44:26+0100 2016Done
25093notabugConfigure file for system-wide substitutesFri Dec 02 18:26:25+0100 2016Done
25080notabugWhen removing a user, 'guix system reconfigure' does not remove the user's home directoryThu Dec 01 03:00:26+0100 2016Done
25072notabugMissing LD_LIBRARY_PATH in (container) environmentWed Nov 30 13:58:26+0100 2016Done
24965notabugno openssh-service procedureSat Nov 19 00:38:25+0100 2016Done
24686moreinfonotabug--load-path not honored by guix systemFri Oct 14 01:49:26+0200 2016Done
24670notabugUnexpected EOF reading a line (from guix pull)Wed Oct 12 00:36:26+0200 2016Done
24146notabugVarious window managers need startup services.Wed Aug 03 19:58:25+0200 2016Done
24108notabugCLONE_NEWUSER tests fail with EPERM instead of being skipped on Grsecurity kernelsSat Jul 30 01:50:25+0200 2016Done
23968notabug[shepherd] Manual: Internals: 7.3 on htmlnode is emptyWed Jul 13 15:05:25+0200 2016Done
23855notabug--no-substitutes still triggers update to list of substitutesMon Jun 27 19:37:26+0200 2016Done
23838notabugGuix on Debian 8.3 'guix system vm ...' -> "ERROR: qemu failed "qemu-system-x86_64"Fri Jun 24 15:55:25+0200 2016Done
23389notabugsegfault for non-root userWed Apr 27 22:44:26+0200 2016Done
23376notabugBootstrap failure on'binutils-cross-boot0-2.25.1: cannot find -lstdc++Tue Apr 26 00:04:26+0200 2016Done
23193notabugCannot enable logout button in GNOMESat Apr 02 23:03:25+0200 2016Done
23136notabugless, showing errorsMon Mar 28 15:30:26+0200 2016Done
23055notabugwget within guix fails to resolve FQDNs when used as an input (native or otherwise)Fri Mar 18 19:05:25+0100 2016Done
22981notabugguix-edit does not find git checkout directoryThu Mar 10 22:54:25+0100 2016Done
22962notabugfixedSomething keeps overwriting /etc/hostsWed Mar 09 21:42:26+0100 2016Done
22948notabugPorting ocl-icd to guix fails because of rubyTue Mar 08 20:41:25+0100 2016Done
22882notabugFailure of 'guix pull' from fresh installWed Mar 02 17:05:26+0100 2016Done
22848notabugxrandr installation (probably) stales with ftp downloadsMon Feb 29 12:05:26+0100 2016Done
22697notabugRebuilding sources with svn-fetch won't refetchTue Feb 16 14:59:26+0100 2016Done
22677notabugguix lint fails with -dc switch missingMon Feb 15 12:01:26+0100 2016Done
22600notabug'Globally-Visible Packages' not shown by 'M-x guix-installed-packages'Mon Feb 08 19:26:26+0100 2016Done
22565notabugCannot talk to upowerd over D-BusFri Feb 05 15:32:26+0100 2016Done
22492notabugcreate new user guixsdSat Jan 30 04:23:25+0100 2016Done
22475notabugguix make check FAILWed Jan 27 16:56:26+0100 2016Done
22474notabuglatest checkout master: make failsWed Jan 27 16:08:25+0100 2016Done
22232notabuglibcue source tarball not bootstrappedThu Dec 24 18:34:26+0100 2015Done
22153notabugMake check failsSat Dec 12 20:15:26+0100 2015Done
22094notabugjack2: jack_control uses wrong python versionSat Dec 05 00:19:26+0100 2015Done
22047notabugsystem reconfigure fails due to corrupted file (linux-libre-4-2-6)Sun Nov 29 04:20:26+0100 2015Done
21720notabugBuilding gcc fails at target s-attrtabTue Oct 20 19:32:25+0200 2015Done
21566notabugBug when moving between system instancesSat Sep 26 06:15:25+0200 2015Done
21216notabugmoreinfoglibc and linux-libre-headersSat Aug 08 01:56:25+0200 2015Done
21209notabug/gnu/store should be able to be a symlink, but it can'tFri Aug 07 18:47:25+0200 2015Done
21075notabugmoreinfo'Make Check' failThu Jul 16 16:14:26+0200 2015Done
20920notabugShow example for GuixSD config.scmSun Jun 28 19:09:38+0200 2015Done
20137notabugnumber of generation doesn't always rise monotonicallyWed Mar 18 18:36:27+0100 2015Done
18776notabugi18n/l10n errorMon Oct 20 01:44:27+0200 2014Done
18322notabug"make check" failsSun Aug 24 11:59:28+0200 2014Done
17786notabuggroup specified in `build-users-group' does not existSun Jun 15 19:20:27+0200 2014Done
17268notabugtests/ fails due to ISP's wrong-domain redirectTue Apr 15 15:17:27+0200 2014Done
15229notabugguix download does not understand httpsSat Aug 31 13:44:26+0200 2013Done
66027helpmoreinfonotabugAdd a feature to automatically close specified bug reports upon committing.Sat Sep 16 11:37:25+0200 2023Open
66651notabugHow to pass i915.enable_guc=0 in config.scm to prevent a 'wedged' GPU?Fri Oct 20 19:43:24+0200 2023Done
66757notabugmissing INFOPATH for some packages (Git, Coreutils)Thu Oct 26 10:35:25+0200 2023Open
67610notabugBuild guile-hoot.powerpc64le-linux on master is broken.Sun Dec 03 19:35:25+0100 2023Done
67726notabug[cuirass] erroneous broken report (e.g.: Build lkrg.x86_64-linux on master is broken)Sat Dec 09 14:22:25+0100 2023Done
67802notabugShepherd is not able to run simple networked programs as servicesTue Dec 12 21:13:25+0100 2023Done