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Recent activity (More)
IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
44898[wishlist] Make the GRUB installation procedure smarterFri Nov 27 02:26:25+0100 2020Open
44899patch[PATCH 0/3] Using '' to speed up application startupFri Nov 27 09:33:25+0100 2020Open
44900patch[PATCH] services: unattended-upgrade: Add 'search-paths' field.Fri Nov 27 09:46:24+0100 2020Open
44902patch[PATCH] gnu: loko: Update to 0.7.0Fri Nov 27 15:55:25+0100 2020Open
44903quix installation bugsFri Nov 27 18:51:24+0100 2020Open
44906Substitute requests fail if URL has trailing slashFri Nov 27 22:20:25+0100 2020Open
44910patch[PATCH] gnu: ruby-parser: Update to Nov 27 22:47:26+0100 2020Open
44912patch[PATCH] gnu: ruby-regex-parser: Update to 2.0.0.Fri Nov 27 23:07:25+0100 2020Open
44913patch[PATCH] gnu: ruby-rubocop-ast: Update to 1.2.0.Fri Nov 27 23:22:24+0100 2020Open
44914gnutls-dane does not build: failed test status-request-revokedFri Nov 27 23:55:24+0100 2020Open
Forgotten issues (More)
IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
17150Stale bootstrap/*/guile-2.0.9.tar.xz files are not detectedMon Mar 31 21:22:27+0200 2014Open
17152GNU Guix backend for PackageKit / Gnome-SoftwareMon Mar 31 22:11:26+0200 2014Open
18640[wishlist] fontconfig's cache is not refreshed automaticallySun Oct 05 23:53:27+0200 2014Open
18838zsh test suite failures, possibly due to 'noatime' mount flagSun Oct 26 02:23:27+0100 2014Open
20255patch'search-paths' should respect both user and system profile.Sat Apr 04 12:29:28+0200 2015Open
20402guix cannot download via an http proxyWed Apr 22 01:00:26+0200 2015Open
20803guix-daemon: support ftp_proxy environment variableSat Jun 13 16:39:27+0200 2015Open
20816Excessive negative cache time for DNS lookupsMon Jun 15 04:44:28+0200 2015Open
21097unreproducibleverify-store test failure on armhf-linuxMon Jul 20 21:06:25+0200 2015Open
21992UI should display the size of items to downloadMon Nov 23 16:05:25+0100 2015Open
Priority bugs
IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
22138Search paths of dependencies are not honoredThu Dec 10 10:36:26+0100 2015Open
22608Module system thread unsafety and .go compilationTue Feb 09 21:02:25+0100 2016Open
23118Duplicate entries in various environment variablesSat Mar 26 05:00:26+0100 2016Open
23196GNOME "Sharing" settings is blankSat Apr 02 23:31:25+0200 2016Open
24937"deleting unused links" GC phase is too slowSun Nov 13 18:41:26+0100 2016Open
25018GC incorrectly removes the temporary root file of the calling processThu Nov 24 15:07:25+0100 2016Open
26202Guix in foreign distributions: setting XDG_DATA_DIRS causes user session to not startTue Mar 21 03:24:25+0100 2017Open
26608Provide --only-substitutes flag to "guix package --upgrade"Sat Apr 22 18:03:25+0200 2017Open
26645guix potluckMon Apr 24 22:53:25+0200 2017Open
26830Allow services to implement a 'reload' actionMon May 08 17:25:24+0200 2017Open
26948'guix publish' file name decoding is locale-dependentTue May 16 08:58:25+0200 2017Open
27155patch[PATCH 0/2] Support service extensions on the "final" service valuesTue May 30 23:59:25+0200 2017Open
27372unreproducibleGRUB 2.02 hangs on pre-UEFI Dell Poweredge 2950Thu Jun 15 11:18:24+0200 2017Open
28659Content-addressed mirror is not used upon invalid hashSun Oct 01 12:16:25+0200 2017Open
30093Installing python-ipython breaks Gnome on Fedora.Fri Jan 12 22:32:25+0100 2018Open
30265Fish embeds store file names in UCS-4/UTF-32 literal stringsSat Jan 27 10:12:24+0100 2018Open
30311efi-less grub install failsWed Jan 31 19:56:25+0100 2018Open
30604patch[PATCH 0/4] Load Linux module only when supported hardware is present.Sun Feb 25 12:46:25+0100 2018Open
30706'guix system reconfigure' can fail to load new system servicesMon Mar 05 00:06:25+0100 2018Open
30879Stale .go files are loaded when Guile and Guix are in the same prefixTue Mar 20 16:43:24+0100 2018Open
31785Multiple client 'build-paths' RPCs can lead to daemon deadlockMon Jun 11 16:06:25+0200 2018Open
32182Login fail after core-update without rebootTue Jul 17 10:30:24+0200 2018Open
32524'guix system' can suggest nonexistent kernel modules for the initrdSat Aug 25 05:13:25+0200 2018Open
33362moreinfoSystem tests stuck in "shepherd[1]: waiting for udevd..."Tue Nov 13 02:18:25+0100 2018Open
33848Store references in SBCL-compiled code are "invisible"Sun Dec 23 15:20:25+0100 2018Open
34016Git checkouts managed by (guix git) grow indefinitely?Tue Jan 08 17:57:24+0100 2019Open
34427guile-bootstrap@2.2 segfault?Mon Feb 11 10:12:24+0100 2019Open
34999Record special field abstraction leakageTue Mar 26 10:38:24+0100 2019Open
35139Rust builds systematically time outThu Apr 04 11:00:25+0200 2019Open
35319Guix System installer text direction wrong for RTL languagesFri Apr 19 12:15:24+0200 2019Open
35350Some compile output still leaks through with --verbosity=1Sun Apr 21 02:00:24+0200 2019Open
35519Rust (and librsvg, IceCat, etc.) fails to build on i686-linuxWed May 01 05:45:24+0200 2019Open
36264shepherd doesn't capture service stdout/stderrMon Jun 17 18:42:25+0200 2019Open
36374‘guix_ pull’ should not suggest running ‘guix_ pull’Tue Jun 25 16:08:25+0200 2019Open
36380service urandom-seed takes too long on bootTue Jun 25 20:12:25+0200 2019Open
36924GDM, GNOME Shell, etc. break when there are stale cachesSun Aug 04 23:01:25+0200 2019Open
37123gnome-shell: LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting propagates to entire sessionTue Aug 20 21:22:25+0200 2019Open
37596'guix system switch-generation' does not reload Shepherd servicesThu Oct 03 11:09:24+0200 2019Open
37709Unable to access Network Folders in GNOMESat Oct 12 04:07:24+0200 2019Open
38557GNOME Desktop StutteringTue Dec 10 14:04:24+0100 2019Open
38884securityguix system roll-back doesn't roll setuid-programs backFri Jan 03 01:48:25+0100 2020Open
39258Faster guix search using an sqlite cacheThu Jan 23 20:52:25+0100 2020Open
39341Installer using 100% of a CPU coreWed Jan 29 06:19:24+0100 2020Open
39632Incorrect keyboard layout in GRUB stage1 to enter the LUKS passphraseSun Feb 16 16:16:25+0100 2020Open
40315Guile 3.0.2 segfault while graftingMon Mar 30 04:35:43+0200 2020Open
40456Invalid keyboard layouts pass throughSun Apr 05 22:59:25+0200 2020Open
40626Poor performance on low-end ARMv7 devicesTue Apr 14 18:23:24+0200 2020Open
40682Installer hangs while connecting to WiFi networkFri Apr 17 17:50:25+0200 2020Open
41215memory leak in gnome-shellTue May 12 21:47:25+0200 2020Open
41390Hunspell packages don't work in LibreofficeTue May 19 08:13:25+0200 2020Open
41602texlive-texmf is actually subtitutableFri May 29 17:16:24+0200 2020Open
41702`guix environment` performance issuesThu Jun 04 10:23:24+0200 2020Open
41930‘guix_ pull’ shows raw build log outputThu Jun 18 16:02:24+0200 2020Open
41948Shepherd deadlocksFri Jun 19 10:41:24+0200 2020Open
42001“SQLite database is busy”: contention on the store databaseMon Jun 22 13:49:24+0200 2020Open
42053hidden derivation build with inferiorsFri Jun 26 01:47:25+0200 2020Open
42148moreinfoguix-1.1.0-13.26611f5 fails to buildWed Jul 01 09:09:24+0200 2020Open to be taken off-line in Dec. 2020Thu Jul 02 09:33:24+0200 2020Open
42353mcron occasionally gets stuck in pre-forkTue Jul 14 16:16:25+0200 2020Open
43579g++ does not provide std::fegetroundWed Sep 23 18:22:24+0200 2020Open
43747Spurious Guile warnings when working on a channelThu Oct 01 17:51:24+0200 2020Open
44053Poor profile generation performance on spinning disksSun Oct 18 05:36:25+0200 2020Open
44559gnutls 3.6.12 fails to build: FAIL: status-request-revokedTue Nov 10 21:49:25+0100 2020Open
44593(guix git) doesn’t honor HTTP/HTTPS proxy settings for submodulesThu Nov 12 15:01:24+0100 2020Open
44760Closure copy in ‘guix system init’ is inefficientFri Nov 20 12:02:24+0100 2020Open
44782Python and Gajim-OMEMOSat Nov 21 19:56:24+0100 2020Open
44872GuixSD 1.2.0 installer fails with exception when formatting driveWed Nov 25 18:26:25+0100 2020Open
44903quix installation bugsFri Nov 27 18:51:24+0100 2020Open