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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
50883easySuckless packages marked as 'x11' instead of 'expat'Wed Sep 29 03:28:25+0200 2021Open
50769easy[core-updates?] meson-build-system should set introspection=false automatically.Fri Sep 24 00:24:24+0200 2021Open
50613easyguix copy does not respect --no-graftsThu Sep 16 04:26:25+0200 2021Open
49206easysource hash mismatch on hypreThu Jun 24 13:46:24+0200 2021Open
48056easySWIG is compiled without optimizationsTue Apr 27 09:53:25+0200 2021Open
48018easyImageMagick’s ‘convert’ fails to delegate to ‘dwebp’Sun Apr 25 15:38:25+0200 2021Done
47638easy[Emacs-Guix] build-farm-url.el refers to former URLsWed Apr 07 14:59:25+0200 2021Open
47189easyoctave needs to be wrapped with coreutilsTue Mar 16 12:47:25+0100 2021Open
39394easyvis editor doesn't respect user configurationSun Feb 02 18:56:25+0100 2020Open
37047easygit needs sed either as propagated input or as input (with some substitute*-work)Fri Aug 16 08:18:24+0200 2019Open
36594easyNo hint for missing argumentThu Jul 11 11:49:25+0200 2019Open
31539easy[PATCH] Add RabbitMQ package and service.Sun May 20 22:36:25+0200 2018Open
29365easyopenmolar looking in /usr/share/openmolarMon Nov 20 18:33:24+0100 2017Done
28510easycrash: guix build -S foo --with-source=blaTue Sep 19 14:10:25+0200 2017Open
58880patcheasy'guix gc' does not round the amount of disk space freedSun Oct 30 01:50:25+0200 2022Done
52257easyReplace pumpa originFri Dec 03 14:16:25+0100 2021Done
51317easywishlist: option to not display new packages when list-generationsThu Oct 21 14:21:25+0200 2021Done
50600easyProblem with package perl-lingua-translitWed Sep 15 10:55:25+0200 2021Done
47480easygprolog: hash mismatchMon Mar 29 19:15:25+0200 2021Done
47474easyfossil: hash mismatchMon Mar 29 17:33:24+0200 2021Done
47473easyfont-{canad1500,cns11643}: hash mismatchMon Mar 29 17:31:25+0200 2021Done
47471easymissing source emacs-pyimMon Mar 29 17:24:25+0200 2021Done
46269easyfirst guix-pull on foreign distro doesn't create directoriesWed Feb 03 12:20:25+0100 2021Done
44928easyguix upgrade command does not accept a list of packagesSat Nov 28 19:52:24+0100 2020Done
44675easyguix lint: support for spellchecker or basic grammarMon Nov 16 02:54:24+0100 2020Done
44030easyguix import pypi foo@1.2.3 breaksFri Oct 16 15:48:24+0200 2020Done
43738easyPatch file names too longThu Oct 01 12:26:25+0200 2020Done does not add build users to kvm groupMon Jun 29 22:02:24+0200 2020Done
39681easyManual typo in section "Invoking ‘guix time-machine’"Wed Feb 19 23:10:24+0100 2020Done
39434easyMisselled symbol exported from web servicesWed Feb 05 13:31:25+0100 2020Done
39417easy[doc] Misspelled example in manualTue Feb 04 15:04:24+0100 2020Done
37929easyclojure is not usable out of the boxFri Oct 25 22:48:24+0200 2019Done
36868easyguix system build autocompletes with package listWed Jul 31 04:44:24+0200 2019Done
36592easyno output for guix package -f when the file evaluates to nothingThu Jul 11 11:31:25+0200 2019Done
33614easyreposurgeon build is brokenTue Dec 04 17:48:25+0100 2018Done
31659easypowertabeditor fails to build since qt upgradeWed May 30 20:26:25+0200 2018Done
31302easy`guix import json` doesn't handle inputs with the form 'package:output'Sat Apr 28 19:24:25+0200 2018Done
30926easy[PATCH] Add coala and coala-bears.Sat Mar 24 18:46:25+0100 2018Done
30224easy'mount -t ecryptfs ...' command refers to /bin/mount, bin/umount, etcTue Jan 23 02:28:24+0100 2018Done
26797easyqemu looks for smbd at /usr/sbinSat May 06 12:26:25+0200 2017Done
26688easyLXDE: Login failsFri Apr 28 00:22:24+0200 2017Done
26581easyLeftover patch round-upThu Apr 20 20:26:24+0200 2017Done has been retiredMon Mar 06 00:28:25+0100 2017Done
25034easyred-eclipse: "data" directory in "$out/", not in "$out/share"Sat Nov 26 11:13:25+0100 2016Done