using guix to install packages from inside a container that runs on foreign distro breaks guix and the foreign distro

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Ludovic Courtès wrote on 4 Mar 10:14 +0100
(name . david larsson)(address . .
Hi David,
Looks like this bug report fell through the cracks of the turn of year…
david larsson <> skribis:
Toggle quote (12 lines)> upon starting it with sudo /gnu/store/asdfasdfasdf-run-container>>> and connecting to it with>> sudo guix container exec 8625 /run/current-system/profile/bin/bash> --login> [sudo] password for david:> root@MinimalSSH /#> root@MinimalSSH /#> root@MinimalSSH /# guix package -i hello
Toggle quote (13 lines)> error: executing> `/gnu/store/qyjhy4bkz51jyspi63llfznsnz7vibzy-guix-1.1.0-30.875c01f/bin/guix > substitute': No such file or directory> guix package: error: unexpected EOF reading a line> root@MinimalSSH /#> root@MinimalSSH /# exit> logout> guix container: error: exec failed with status 1> david@l560:~/VirtualHome/src$ guix package -i hello> bash: /usr/local/bin/guix:> /gnu/store/b7rixb64yp00znz0d5rwd5zzklwzlzmv-guile-wrapper/bin/guile:> bad interpreter: No such file or directory
It looks as though the store item for Guix or Guile used on the host hadbeen suddenly wiped, even though we don’t see any GC activity orsimilar.
Toggle quote (2 lines)> As you can see, guix is now broken on both the host and guest system.
Were you able to better see what was broken? Is it that store itemswere removed? Are there issues with non-Guix files? It would be greatif you could gather more details as to what’s wrong. I’ll also see if Ican try that in a VM.
Ludovic Courtès wrote on 4 Mar 10:14 +0100
control message for bug #45599
(address .
severity 45599 importantquit
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