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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
42371All build users used up when using '--check' with many packagesWed Jul 15 18:13:25+0200 2020Open
71251patch[PATCH] gnu: chrony: Update to 4.5.Tue May 28 23:29:25+0200 2024Open
63737patch[PATCH] gnu: cryptsetup: Update to 2.6.1.Fri May 26 15:12:25+0200 2023Open
62960patch[PATCH] gnu: cryptsetup: Update to 2.6.1.Thu Apr 20 01:24:25+0200 2023Open
56322Ruby packaging issuesThu Jun 30 13:15:24+0200 2022Open
40842uwsgi python plugin not foundSat Apr 25 12:49:25+0200 2020Open
60589guix build --keep-going (-k) not always honoredFri Jan 06 04:56:25+0100 2023Open
68656patch[PATCH core-updates 0/7] Cryptsetup woesMon Jan 22 14:33:25+0100 2024Open
50739Wrong type argument in position 158 (expecting empty list): #<package...Wed Sep 22 16:21:25+0200 2021Open
54539patch[PATCH 0/6] Start breaking up import cyclesWed Mar 23 19:47:24+0100 2022Open
43518(guix status) occasionally crashes when max-jobs > 1Sat Sep 19 19:35:24+0200 2020Open