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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
56014'guix substitute' crashes in zstd on transient networking issuesThu Jun 16 08:26:26+0200 2022Open
39635patch[PATCH] website: Modify use of H1 headingsSun Feb 16 19:27:25+0100 2020Open
45352Same derivation listed twice in the output of "guix build --dry-run"Mon Dec 21 10:11:25+0100 2020Open
41082Guix sd startup fails to initialize AMD Radeon RX 560Mon May 04 19:10:25+0200 2020Open
68941patch[PATCH 00/44] Node : a solution for tiny packages.Tue Feb 06 00:16:25+0100 2024Open
65769greetd-wlgreet-sway-session result is blinking cursorWed Sep 06 05:05:24+0200 2023Open
58149Unable to pull when using a pre-lzip version of guix-daemonWed Sep 28 20:34:25+0200 2022Open
20255'search-paths' should respect both user and system profile.Sat Apr 04 12:29:28+0200 2015Open
54539patch[PATCH 0/6] Start breaking up import cyclesWed Mar 23 19:47:24+0100 2022Open