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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
55683Support binaries that need "setcap" similar to "setuid-programs"Fri May 27 21:52:25+0200 2022Open
27415patchSubject: [PATCH] gnu: Add fping.Sun Jun 18 00:59:25+0200 2017Done
55682RFC packaging for lcsyncFri May 27 21:10:24+0200 2022Done
61462patchAdd support for file capabilities(7)Sun Feb 12 21:45:24+0100 2023Open
65233lcsync and librecast updatesFri Aug 11 23:06:25+0200 2023Done
39136moreinfopatch[PATCH] gnu: services: Add endlessh.Tue Jan 14 22:21:24+0100 2020Open
41763services: opensmtpd: Fix the setgid problem for the smtpctl utility.Mon Jun 08 19:46:24+0200 2020Done
20043libcap: Dangling .so referencesSun Mar 08 17:57:27+0100 2015Done
47643WIP-GNOMEWed Apr 07 21:30:25+0200 2021Done
42261patch[PATCH 0/4] Add GanetiWed Jul 08 12:09:24+0200 2020Done