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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
56057patch[PATCH 00/27] gnu: Add dua-cli.Sat Jun 18 21:57:25+0200 2022Open
56037patch[PATCH] gnu: Update hexyl to 0.10Fri Jun 17 13:55:24+0200 2022Open
54085patchmoreinfo[PATCH 3/3] gnu: Add jless.Mon Feb 21 10:48:24+0100 2022Open
55746patch[PATCH] gnu: parinfer-rust: Copy plugin files to output.Wed Jun 01 07:47:24+0200 2022Open
54358patch[PATCH] gnu: rust-parinfer: add phases to install the bundled Vim and Kakoune pluginsSat Mar 12 23:00:24+0100 2022Open
49451patchAdding package aparte (rust XMPP TUI client)Wed Jul 07 08:28:25+0200 2021Open
44492moreinfo[PATCH] Add fractal.Fri Nov 06 22:47:25+0100 2020Open
36470Cargo-build-system guix-vendor does not provide packages correctly 2 levels downTue Jul 02 10:55:24+0200 2019Open
59893patchAdd Starship promptThu Dec 08 01:31:24+0100 2022Open
58936patch[PATCH ...] gnu: Add the-way.Tue Nov 01 00:11:24+0100 2022Open
54539patch[PATCH 0/6] Start breaking up import cyclesWed Mar 23 19:47:24+0100 2022Open
43518(guix status) occasionally crashes when max-jobs > 1Sat Sep 19 19:35:24+0200 2020Open