mumi search by date provides unexpected results

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Roman Riabenko
Roman Riabenko wrote on 1 Mar 2022 07:34
(address .
This report is for the instance at The hint under
the search field and the online help documentation suggest that "date:"
filter can be used to improve the search results.[1] However, the
results are different from what is documented. For example, there is a
report submitted on 16 February 2022 and a patch submitted on 20
Fenruary 2022 both contaning the word "mumi".[2][3] I can see them at
the end of search results when searching for "mumi".[4] But I cannot
find them with any of the following:

1. mumi
2. mumi date:2022-02-01..2022-02-28

The first one returns older posts only.[5] The second one returns

And the last hinted filter does return links to the expected issues but
also returns other issues which are apparently out of the specified
time period and so introduces noise in the search results making
filtering less effective:[7]

3. mumi




kiasoc5 wrote on 27 Dec 2022 19:39
(address .
The date search seems to mess up other filters as well: is:open

Here are 2 wrong results:

56512 URLs in coreutils manuals documentation should use HTTPS Tue Jul 12 07:19:25+0200 2022 Done
15284 patchwish: make the (name) field optional Fri Sep 06 11:06:27+0200 2013 Open

First issue is closed, failing is:open filter
Second issue is older than 1 month from now, failing filter