[core-updates-frozen] Grub fails to decrypt LUKS partition (cryptomount not found)

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Jonathan Brielmaier wrote 5 days ago
(address . bug-guix@gnu.org)
Hi folks,
today I finally got my system reconfiguring on core-updates-frozen withalmost all packages I use (minus telegram-desktop, josm and lilypond).But when I rebooted my PC it got stuck in the grub rescue console :(
```Welcome to GRUB!
Unkown command 'crpytomount'.error: disk 'cryptouuid/ad06...' not found.Entering rescue mode...[...]grub rescue> crpytomount -u ad06...Unknown command 'cryptomount'.[...]grub rescue> setcmdpath=(hd0)/EFI/Guixprefix=(cryptouuid)/ad06...)/boot/grubroot=cryptouuid/ad06...```
commit: d1732a007fff1549fd49bae595ef9541bea2a332 (pulled from)arch: x86_66config:``` (bootloader (bootloader-configuration (bootloader grub-efi-bootloader) (target "/boot/efi") (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout))) (mapped-devices (list (mapped-device (source (uuid "ad069897-6b43-4607-b5e9-3f00f9af74aa")) (target "cryptroot") (type luks-device-mapping)))) (file-systems (append (list (file-system (mount-point "/boot/efi") (device (uuid "2954-F644" 'fat32)) (type "vfat")) (file-system (device "/dev/mapper/cryptroot") (mount-point "/") (type "ext4") (dependencies mapped-devices)) (file-system (mount-point "/media/jonathan/arbeit") (device (uuid "094e6082-fae5-4ba9-ad94-1a4b6d04a094")) (type "ext4"))) %base-file-systems))```
I have reconfigured the same system on master two or three days ago. Thereboot back then was successful.
I'll try to collect more information later today...
Ludovic Courtès wrote 5 days ago
control message for bug #50566
(address . control@debbugs.gnu.org)
severity 50566 importantquit
Jonathan Brielmaier wrote 4 days ago
[core-updates-frozen] Grub fails to decrypt LUKS partition (cryptomount not found)
(address . 50566@debbugs.gnu.org)
I went ahead and did a trick Tobias (nckx) told me in IRC. I booted aGuix installer from an USB stick and hit 'c' (command line) in its GRUBmenu. Then I gave in the following commands:
```insmod lukscryptomount (hd1,gpt2)Enter passphrase ...:set root=(crypto0)configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg```
I can then choose between the Guix system generations: 1xcore-updates-frozen and 3x master. The latter did worked before myreconfigure on c-u-f.
But non of them really worked. I have to enter the LUKS password asecond time and then shepherd fails to start all the services. The cpufan blows a bit loud:```failed to start service 'file-systems'failed to start service 'file-system-/boot/efi'failed to start service 'user-processes'[...]```
An Alt+SysReq+E (SIGTERM all apart INIT) gives:```shepherd[1]: Service udev has been disabled.shepherd[1]: Respawning libvirtd.shepherd[1]: Service libvirtd has been started.```
And some audit log message. Can audit break the boot?
Has anyone an idea how to find out why those services start to fail? Howto obtain logs?
Jonathan Brielmaier wrote 29 hours ago
(address . 50566@debbugs.gnu.org)
I found today an easier reproducer. I built an installation image fromcurrent core-updates-frozen (716470cda447e8cc3e73b09a8dfdcf1032aa37f2).Booting from an USB stick leads to the same error that it comes only to"grub rescue>" saying "Unknown filesystem".
I double checked and booted from an USB stick with an image from currentmaster -> just fine.
It would be interesting if others try to boot from an c-u-f image,especially on UEFI.
I'll try to bisect the issue as I have no an "easy" reproducer :)
Mathieu Othacehe wrote 4 hours ago
(name . Jonathan Brielmaier)(address . jonathan.brielmaier@web.de)(address . 50566@debbugs.gnu.org)
Hello Jonathan,
Toggle quote (2 lines)> I'll try to bisect the issue as I have no an "easy" reproducer :)
I experienced the exact same issue. To be able to boot again, I bootedfrom a Guix System USB drive, hitted 'c' in Grub, then typed thefollowing commands:
Toggle snippet (4 lines)set root=(hd0,gpt2)configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg
Now regarding the cause of the issue, it appears that running thefollowing command from a Guix "master" Grub fixes the issue:
Toggle snippet (3 lines)sudo /gnu/store/w8v5d1i6xfqlpj78w89jg1x7f8dchh4k-grub-efi-2.06/sbin/grub-install --boot-directory /boot --efi-directory=/boot/efi
So this means that we probably have an issue related to the Grub packageon core-updates-frozen itself. Both master and core-updates-frozen areusing Grub 2.06 release.
The issue might then be related to the GCC 10 switch?
Here are the log files of Grub installation of master andcore-updates-frozen branches. I edited the /gnu/store/xxx-grub-efi-2.06strings to remove the noise.
It looks like the core-updates-frozen Grub has a new .note.grub.propertysection but I cannot find any other noticeable differences.
To be continued,
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