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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
68412patch[PATCH] scripts: edit: Accept generic formatting parameter.Sat Jan 13 00:46:24+0100 2024Open
40292Inaccurate hint (upgrade both `epiphany` and `gtk+`) when gtk+ is not installedMon Mar 30 04:35:27+0200 2020Open
58208patch[PATCH 0/7] Add Sonic Visualiser and VAMP plugins.Sat Oct 01 02:20:24+0200 2022Open
50739Wrong type argument in position 158 (expecting empty list): #<package...Wed Sep 22 16:21:25+0200 2021Open
49125python-gitdb upgrade hangs after executing "guix pull && guix refresh"Sun Jun 20 07:36:24+0200 2021Open
69185patchmoreinfo[PATCH master] gnu: ocaml: Update to 5.1.1Sun Feb 18 19:15:25+0100 2024Open
70395patch[PATCH kde-team 00/63] some kde patch.Mon Apr 15 14:45:28+0200 2024Open