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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
58374GVFS depends on WebKitGTK via gnome-online-accountsSat Oct 08 11:53:24+0200 2022Open
34813Problem with gnome-online-accounts integrationMon Mar 11 15:48:25+0100 2019Open
40612guix build system --dry-run is brokenMon Apr 13 23:33:24+0200 2020Open
35297GNOME Online Accounts and GNOME FilesTue Apr 16 10:25:25+0200 2019Open
35586GNOME Core ApplicationsSun May 05 20:20:24+0200 2019Open
35425owncloud-client not saving passwordThu Apr 25 07:57:24+0200 2019Open
43518(guix status) occasionally crashes when max-jobs > 1Sat Sep 19 19:35:24+0200 2020Open