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Freddy Reimer wrote on 23 Jun 2019 21:01
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I have been trying out guix in a VM, and would like to report a few bugs I've run into.
Context: I installed using the graphical installation tool and chose i3 as my desktop. I installed all my packages through the config file. I kept it pretty much default, aside from installing things like terminals, browsers, the liberation and bitstream vera fonts, mpv, and youtube-dl.
The first of these issues, and one I managed to get by on my own, was my terminal freaking out when I first installed one. Each time I made a new terminal, it would create a new line and an indented prompt on that line for all existing terminal windows. Left and right arrow keys would recreate the whole prompt to the right of the current one. Backspace would remove characters from the buffer, but it would visually create spaces as if I had pressed spacebar. I fixed this by rebooting and it hasn't had this problem again, but when it was happening it would occur on both rxvt-unicode and termite. TTYs were unaffected, and this was only on X terminals.
The second issue is that icecat doesn't display numbers. In the address bar and on most sites, numbers will fail to render and will be replaced by a large space. I did inspect element and looked at the fonts, and it listed " ojiOne Mozilla" and said that it was a local font. Looking into the preferences, this was revealed to be EmojiOne Mozilla, which was for some reason enabled for all latin fonts. I switched them all to something reasonable like serif or sans-serif, but my numbers were still missing. The option to use site-provided fonts instead was selected, and I disabled all the privacy checkboxes on the new tab screen. I did not add this font to my config.scm. Not sure whether this is the fault of Icecat or Guix, but I'm currently sidestepping it by using Ungoogled-Chromium, which isn't having these problems.
Virtualization was done in virt-manager on an Xubuntu host.
Christian Bertram wrote on 16 Aug 2019 21:45
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I have the same issue with numbers in IceCat.
I have tested both inside and outside a VM and with Gnome, XFCE,Enlightenment and EXWM. It seems, if I don't have
(service gnome-desktop-service-type)
in my config, numbers in IceCat are shown as long spaces. I don't havethe problem, even when using XFCE, as long as that line is in my config.
I hope this can help someone find the problem. Thanks.

--Christian Bertram
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