ghostscript segfaults with “pdfwrite” device

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Ricardo Wurmus wrote on 3 Feb 2019 12:40
(address .
I’m trying to generate a single PDF from multiple separate PDF filesthat were generated from SVGs with Inkscape.
Here are the SVG files:
I’m using this Makefile to generate the final PDF.
Toggle snippet (42 lines)SLIDES=\ 00-title \ 01-process \ 02-process2 \ 03-process3 \ 04-process4 \ 05-process5 \ 06-pipeline \ 07-pipeline2 \ 08-pipeline3 \ 09-pipeline4 \ 10-lies \ 11-environment \ 12-environment2 \ 13-environment-graph \ 14-containers \ 15-container-smoothie \ 30-guix \ 31-guix2 \ 31-guix3 \ 31-guix4 \ 31-guix5 \ 31-guix6 \ 32-gwl \ 33-gwl1 \ 33-gwl2 \ 34-gwl3 \ 34-gwl4 \ 34-gwl5 \ 34-gwl6 \ 35-gwl-free-features \ 36-gwl-new-features \ 98-summary \ 99-end
slides.pdf: $(addsuffix .pdf, ${SLIDES}) gs -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -q -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=$@ $^
%.pdf: %.svg inkscape -z --export-dpi=300 --export-pdf=$@ $<
Run “make slides.pdf” to reproduce the segfault. This is withGhostscript 9.24, but it also happens with 9.25.
The segfault is in “gx_compute_char_matrix”; here’s a backtrace:
Toggle snippet (27 lines)(gdb) bt#0 0x00007ffff6e31eb0 in gx_compute_char_matrix () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6e32ad8 in gx_attach_tt_interpreter () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6e33559 in gx_add_fm_pair () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6e3212d in gx_lookup_fm_pair () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6bc85f5 in gs_type42_glyph_outline () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6e105ba in gs_default_glyph_info () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6bc87d1 in gs_type42_glyph_info_by_gid () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6ea7076 in z1_glyph_info_generic () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6eaeb67 in z42_glyph_info () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6d3a539 in pdf_process_string () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6d3b7f7 in process_plain_text () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6d4759c in pdf_text_process () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6ee2c8b in op_show_continue_pop () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6ee309c in zshow () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6ec6371 in interp () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6ec6de0 in gs_interpret () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6ebb539 in gs_main_run_string_end () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6ebce09 in run_string () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6ebcf7a in runarg () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x00007ffff6ebe748 in gs_main_init_with_args () from /gnu/store/z8lkz16mzvprg6k7vpcwcjmvhp10myzp-ghostscript-9.25/lib/ 0x000000000040114b in ?? ()#21 0x0000000000401350 in ?? ()#22 0x0000000000405420 in ?? ()#23 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
I noticed that it *doesn’t* segfault when only concatenating00-title.pdf, but it fails with 01-process.pdf. The relevant differenceseems to be that 00-title.svg refers to the League Gothic OTF font,while 01-process.svg also uses the “MorrisRoman-Black.ttf” font.
When I remove the three instances where style attributes set“font-family:'Morris Roman'” the segfault disappears. It’s also fine ifI replace the font with “TeX Gyre Bonum”, an otf font. It segfaultswith “DejaVu Sans”, which is mapped to a TTF font.
So my guess is that Ghostscript segfaults when a TTF font is used.
A work-around is to use the pdfimage32 device, which rasterizes theinput PDF file. For some reason rasterization does NOT lead to asegfault, even though that would also require Ghostscript to understandthe TTF fonts.
Ricardo Wurmus wrote on 27 Aug 2019 17:46
Re: bug#34296: ghostscript segfaults with “pdfwri te” device
(address . . Ludovic Courtès)(address .
Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:
Toggle quote (2 lines)> I’m trying to generate a single PDF from multiple separate PDF files> that were generated from SVGs with Inkscape.
Toggle quote (3 lines)> Run “make slides.pdf” to reproduce the segfault. This is with> Ghostscript 9.24, but it also happens with 9.25.
The problem has been fixed! I think the fix was provided in commit466ff55c72959ba1499ce3ec69f534b3038eb30b, which addressed anotherGhostscript problem.
See details.
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