GNOME 44: Settings application crashes if Multitasking tab is opened

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Abhiseck Paira
Abhiseck Paira wrote on 31 Mar 09:54 +0200
(address .

I have just upgraded my Guix System to GNOME 44, here's the guix

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$ guix describe
Generation 82 Mar 31 2024 10:01:38 (current)
guix f5558ee
repository URL:
branch: master
commit: f5558ee0cc1a11a8b61d3f4d43f05dd79d53ac77
stfh-packages df2c76b
repository URL:
branch: master
commit: df2c76b3567b9c2e3c9ab9314a5d295257e0be87
flat b62ba32
repository URL:
branch: master
commit: b62ba3214ed0f781e2d6015044ae8a4a1bd5c7d7

Now, when I open Settings application and then open the "multitasking"
tab or "Keyboard & Touchpad" tab, the settings application crashes.
Next, if I try to open it again, try to change the background image,
or anything that ultimately opens settings application again, it
wouldn't open anymore.

The only way I could open the settings app again is to go back to the
previous generation (which has GNOME 42) using the grub menu, start
the settings app (this time it will open), select some other tab like
"About" and reboot again to latest generation running GNOME 44.

Abhiseck Paira (
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;; This is an operating system configuration generated ;; by the graphical installer. (use-modules (gnu)) (use-modules (gnu packages linux) ; ntfs-3g (gnu packages freedesktop)) ;udiskie ;; (use-modules (gnu packages wm) ;; (gnu packages terminals) ;; (gnu packages suckless) ;;dmenu ;; (gnu packages linux) ;; pipewire ;; (gnu packages xdisorg) ;; wofi ;; (gnu packages lxde) ;; (gnu packages pulseaudio) ;; (gnu packages dunst)) (use-service-modules desktop networking ssh xorg) (define %my-desktop-services (modify-services %desktop-services (gdm-service-type config => (gdm-configuration (inherit config) (auto-login? #t) (default-user "starfish") (wayland? #t))))) (operating-system (kernel linux-libre-lts) (locale "en_IN.utf8") (timezone "Asia/Kolkata") (keyboard-layout (keyboard-layout "us")) (host-name "pandora") (users (append (list (user-account (name "starfish") (comment "Starfish") (group "users") (home-directory "/home/starfish") (supplementary-groups '("wheel" "netdev" "audio" "video" "kvm"))) (user-account (name "guest") (comment "Guest account") (group "users") (home-directory "/home/guest") (supplementary-groups '("netdev" "audio" "video")))) %base-user-accounts)) ;; (users (cons* (user-account ;; (name "starfish") ;; (comment "Starfish") ;; (group "users") ;; (home-directory "/home/starfish") ;; (supplementary-groups ;; '("wheel" "netdev" "audio" "video" "kvm"))) ;; %base-user-accounts)) (packages (append (list (specification->package "nss-certs") ntfs-3g udiskie) %base-packages)) (services (append (list (service tor-service-type (tor-configuration (control-socket? #t))) (service gnome-desktop-service-type) (set-xorg-configuration (xorg-configuration (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout)))) %my-desktop-services)) (bootloader (bootloader-configuration (bootloader grub-bootloader) (targets '("/dev/sda")) (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout))) (mapped-devices (list (mapped-device (source (uuid "ad5b2362-59be-47c0-b627-f58218a9c547")) (target "cryptroot") (type luks-device-mapping)) (mapped-device (source (uuid "836f4150-b51c-4687-a941-24ebb5862278")) (target "crypthome") (type luks-device-mapping)))) (file-systems (cons* (file-system (mount-point "/") (device "/dev/mapper/cryptroot") (type "ext4") (dependencies mapped-devices)) (file-system (mount-point "/home") (device "/dev/mapper/crypthome") (type "ext4") (dependencies mapped-devices)) %base-file-systems)))