Guix on Fedora overwrites dir file in /usr/local/share/info

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Zachary D'Anthony
Zachary D'Anthony wrote on 20 Jan 23:39 +0100
(address .

I installed Guix on top of Fedora via binary installation with the
`' shell script. I set SELinux to permissive mode,
rebooted, ran `guix pull', `guix package -u`, and installed three

- hello
- glibc-locales
- guile

Before installing Guix I compiled Emacs and installed various packages
via melpa as well as separate programs with dnf (Fedora's package
manager) that inlcude many info manuals in /usr/local/share/info. Before
the Guix installation, every manual in /usr/local/share/info was being
picked up and included in the `dir' file as expected. However, after
installing Guix it has placed several info manuals in various languages
in /usr/local/share/info and overwrote the dir file to include only Guix
info manuals, all symlinked to


I now have significantly less manuals inside emacs when I browse for
documentation via `M-x info'. Though I can open them with dired by
pressing `I' this is significantly less convenient.

I suspect this is either a bug or at the least undesired behavior from
my perspective.

Below is relevant information and attached is the directory listing of
/usr/local/share/info. If anything else is needed please let me know,
thank you.


Fedora version: 39
Guix version/commit: 4532eb6389e0602c1aac2e452bbc085f251658a3
Emacs version: 29.1