guix shell --container --share=/etc overrides shadow files

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Christina O'Donnell
Christina O'Donnell wrote on 11 Jan 15:10 +0100
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Hi Guix,

Running the below command as root overrides the running system's shadow
(/etc/shadow, /etc/passwd, and /etc/group).

WARNING: Don't run the following outside of a VM!

  guix shell --container --share=/etc

This erases the current user from the passwd database, meaning `su` and
no longer work, and you can't log in.


The context is that I was tracking down a libreoffice bug using guix
time-machine and ran the very clever command trying to get the display

  sudo guix time-machine ... -- environment -C --ad-hoc coreutils sway \
    --preserve='DISPLAY' --preserve='XDG' --share=/etc -- sway

Now of course if you write random commands with sudo, you should expect
to brick
your system from time to time. And setting `--share=/etc` wasn't
smart idea. However, it would have been nice to not have that wipe my
shadow files.

For example, being warned about sharing /etc with a container.

To reproduce, run the Guix command in a basic VM image, connecting to Guix
daemon on the host.[1]

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Kind regards,
 - Christina O'Donnell


[1] See my blog for more details:
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