Bug: failed to compute the derivation for Guix

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Russell Hernandez Ruiz
Russell Hernandez Ruiz wrote on 22 Dec 2023 05:30
(address . bug-guix@gnu.org)
Program failed with:

guix pull: error: You found a bug: the program
failed to compute the derivation for Guix (version:
"04b63ea195cbcbcf519b7dd52546c6d56be6741b"; system: "x86_64-linux";
host version: "1.4.0"; pull-version: 1).
Please report the COMPLETE output above by email to <bug-guix@gnu.org>.

Attached is the full terminal log as requested. [guix-pull-log]

guix describe:

guix 8e2f32c
branch: master
commit: 8e2f32cee982d42a79e53fc1e9aa7b8ff0514714

This is guix installed over Fedora 39 with the script from the section
"Binary Installation" in the manual. SELinux was set to "Permissive".

Install log also attached. [guix-install-log]

Russell Hernandez Ruiz wrote on 24 Dec 2023 01:06
Reckless job scheduling
(address . 67965@debbugs.gnu.org)
What appeared to be the problem is that I increased the allowed number
of jobs from default 1 to 16, but only 10 users for jobs were created
during installation. On this rare occurrence that more than 10 jobs
could be created, Guix was not able to do so and crashed.

I was able to continue by setting max-jobs to the number of users or

Suggestion: have Guix ensure not try to use more users than available.
(Why does it even need a user per job in the first place?)
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