Can not boot into installed guix system

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Hrvoje Blazevic
Hrvoje Blazevic wrote on 6 Dec 2023 13:42
(address .
I tried first to install Guix on my computer as is, but it refused due
to Intel chip for WiFi. Okay, I get that, so I bought one Atheros USB
stick, and tried with that.
This works, and GUIX graphic installer can find it, and the
installation proceeds without any hickups or error messages. When it's
done, it tells me to reboot, just like any other Gnu/Linux distro. But
after rebooting, I'm immediately dropped into bios setup, because
there's nothing to boot from. I wiped my computer clean, before I
started GUIX installation. So, I tried that two more times, with third
time letting the GUIX take the whole disk and installs how it wants.
Same thing. Nothing to boot from. Looks like there's nothing being
written on /boot/efi partition.
BTW, there's nothing wrong with my computer, because just after the
last failure with GUIX I installed Debian 12, and latest Manjaro
without any problems.

Any advice how to fix this?
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