Cannot install a Samba printer

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Richard Lawrence
Richard Lawrence wrote on 21 Dec 2022 17:17
Cannot install a Samba printer
(address .
Dear Guix maintainers,

I have been trying to set up a Guix system install at work and have hit
a wall related to installing a Samba printer. I believe this is a bug in
the way that either CUPS or Samba are packaged in Guix (but I'm very new
to Guix, so please bear with me). Specifically, installing Samba needs
to provide a link somewhere to the smbspool program in order to make
CUPS aware of it as a backend.

Here are the steps that led me to this issue:

0) I setup CUPS to run in my OS config like:

(service cups-service-type
(default-paper-size "A4")
(web-interface? #t)))

(I have also added my user to the groups "lp" and "lpadmin", though I'm
not sure if that's important.)

1) I tried to add a Samba printer using the system-config-printer program,
following the instructions from my employer
This goes smoothly until the last step; after entering the printer name,
description, and location, and clicking "Apply", a dialog appears asking
me to authenticate. No matter what credentials I enter here (my own user
account, root's, or my samba domain credentials), this step fails with a
"client-error-not-possible" CUPS server error. No other information is

Adding the printer through the CUPS web interface doesn't work either;
there is no option there to install a Samba printer.

Here is what I've been able to learn through my own troubleshooting:

Elsewhere on the web, people who have the same issue generally report
that it's fixed by installing the "smbclient" package. Guix has no such
package; so I installed the "samba" package (although I do not want to
run a samba server) to get access to the client utilities.

I made some progress by directly copying a working <Printer> config
for this printer from another machine into /etc/cups/printers.conf and
restarting CUPS. This at least added the printer to CUPS, so that I can
see it in the system-config-printer GUI and in the CUPS web interface.
In the latter, I now see a more informative error in the printer's
status field:

"Backend /gnu/store/xl7mglavpkc4gjh7m53d0wf55mifnqy3-cups-server-bin/lib/cups/backend/smb does not exist!"

The other machine where I have this printer configured is running Debian.
On Debian, installing the smbclient package creates a symlink at
/usr/lib/cups/backend/smb to /usr/bin/smbspool. This is what appears to
be missing in Guix.

The smbspool program is installed in Guix via the samba package at
(I can send jobs to the Samba printer on Guix if I manually call
smbspool.) But no corresponding symlink to this program is created in
the lib/cups/backend directory when the samba package is installed,
which appears to the source of the error above.

(It *could* be that the absence of this symlink is also the source of
the client-error-not-possible in the system-configure-printer GUI; I'm
not sure.)

I'm not sure what the right way to create such a symlink on Guix would
be, but it seems like its absence makes it impossible to install and use
a Samba printer.

As I said, I *believe* this is a bug in how Samba and/or CUPS is
packaged; but if there's some additional configuration I could do to get
this working, please let me know!

Many thanks for your help,