guix home does not have a way to uninstall itself

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guix home does not have a way to uninstall itself.

See the following resources for more context:

help-guix conversation with ludo:

irc conversation about the bug on #tropin on Libera:

jgart: symlink-manager have cleanup-symlinks procedure in it, which cleanups dotfiles from previous generation. just declare a new home-environment with empty list of services and add only symlink-manager to essential-services, after that do a reconfigure and everything except ~/.guix-home will be cleaned up

abcdw_: cool! could we make a subcommand from that? guix home uninstall or similar.
jgart: Most people are not going to know to use cleanup-symlinks procedure in symlink-manager.
Thu, Sep 8 2022

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jgart: Create a proposal on bug-guix please and cc me, I'll take a look at it, when will get spare time
jgart: will do, thanks!
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