Non-standard terminology in NEWS (Minetest mods instead of Minetest extensions)

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Maxime Devos
Maxime Devos wrote on 24 Nov 2021 16:55
(address .
Recently, while looking at commits on,
I noticed the following line was added to NEWS:

* Changes in 1.4.0 [...]
*** New ‘guix import minetest’ command, to import Minetest extensions

However, Minetesters call these mods, and almost never extensions.
See, e.g., the Minetest wiki:,
for ‘Type’).

That said, I did find one web page were ‘extension’ is used instead of
‘mod’, at, ContentDB also
supports ‘texture packs’ and ‘games’, but those aren't supported by the
importer yet.

I suggest replacing ‘extensions’ by ‘mods’.

not hacking on guix for a while, only occassionally looking at IRC logs
and bug reports. E-mails are unsigned until backup is located.
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