[PATCH core-updates-frozen] gnu: libsrtp: Update to 2.4.0.

DoneSubmitted by Sarah Morgensen.
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  • Guillaume Le Vaillant
  • Sarah Morgensen
Sarah Morgensen wrote on 5 Sep 04:13 +0200
(address . guix-patches@gnu.org)
Fix building libsrtp with GCC 10 by updating to 2.4.0.
* gnu/packages/telephony.scm (libsrtp): Update to 2.4.0.---This fixes the build for libsrtp (and its 35 dependents, if they have no otherissues) by updating to 2.4.0. I was able to build this on x86_64, but I don'thave the spare cycles to build its dependents.
Its changelog looks okay to me, but here are the changes since the lastversion [0]:
Toggle snippet (28 lines)Major changes
#529 - Remove EKT files, this was never completed and the draft has since changed.#512 - Adds suport for Mbedtls as a crypto backend.#503 - Support apple silicon build.#495 - Adds support for the Meson build system. This is an alternative to Cmake and auto tools.
Other changes
#546 - Improve OpenSSL KDF check.#542 - Add void to function declarations for EVP_EncryptInit check.#531 - Remove dead code.#524 - Support running against nss >= 3.52.#521 - Remove references to dtls from libsrtp.#520 - Use nss based hmac when nss enabled.#519 - Move selftest vectors form backends to common files.#515 - Extend cmake support.#514 - Fix gcc11 warning by defining output length.#502 - Remove visual studio build files.#501 - cmake: Set the VERSION property of the srtp2 library.#500 - Fixed issue #499 with buffer overflow.#498 - Feature/additional error checks.#496 - Rework check for OPENSSL_cleanse().#492 - Avoid non-existing compiler flag -O4.#491 - Fix two-byte RTP header extension encryption.#478 - Modify cmake to install crypto_types.h instead of cipher_types.h
[0] https://github.com/cisco/libsrtp/blob/master/CHANGES
gnu/packages/telephony.scm | 5 +++-- 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
Toggle diff (34 lines)diff --git a/gnu/packages/telephony.scm b/gnu/packages/telephony.scmindex 9924031993..3035809225 100644--- a/gnu/packages/telephony.scm+++ b/gnu/packages/telephony.scm@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ ;;; Copyright © 2020, 2021 Maxim Cournoyer <maxim.cournoyer@gmail.com> ;;; Copyright © 2020 Vincent Legoll <vincent.legoll@gmail.com> ;;; Copyright © 2021 LibreMiami <packaging-guix@libremiami.org>+;;; Copyright © 2021 Sarah Morgensen <iskarian@mgsn.dev> ;;; ;;; This file is part of GNU Guix. ;;;@@ -413,7 +414,7 @@ internet.") (define-public libsrtp (package (name "libsrtp")- (version "2.3.0")+ (version "2.4.0") (source (origin (method git-fetch) (uri (git-reference@@ -422,7 +423,7 @@ internet.") (file-name (git-file-name name version)) (sha256 (base32- "1f7i3jdh1wzdv7zjlz7gs3xw5jqig9zw8z9awsqqcp54f94xdpvd"))))+ "0syl2ywddgqz29h43d6rc7waf3hp2yc14yhnrvdsja2bg8wrv6sb")))) (native-inputs `(("psmisc" ,psmisc) ;some tests require 'killall' ("procps" ,procps)))
base-commit: 68dd6d809398297dc2ebef522186c9b9f2566739-- 2.32.0
Guillaume Le Vaillant wrote on 5 Sep 11:12 +0200
(name . Sarah Morgensen)(address . iskarian@mgsn.dev)(address . 50389-done@debbugs.gnu.org)
Patch pushed as 2302adc0eca384fa5d2a78bbfc13dd596a1e2175.Thanks.
iIUEAREKAC0WIQTLxZxm7Ce5cXlAaz5r6CCK3yH+PwUCYTSKOA8cZ2x2QHBvc3Rlby5uZXQACgkQa+ggit8h/j9L3AD/asTrkdA6Z5HzreJcW8duUMehNwu10B3CzThDiwlHFr8A/i5ImaYvyUL1TwHvcKeBiGWwk+I9hsIhL668AJFnj5cv=yzHz-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
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