[coreu-updates] coreutils-final test failures on powerpc64le-linux

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  • Thiago Jung Bauermann
Thiago Jung Bauermann wrote on 28 Jul 01:34 +0200
(name . Bug Guix)(address . bug-guix@gnu.org)
On core-updates, as of the following commit from July 26th:
e2690a8eb2df gnu: mes-rb5: Remove.
Guix fails to build ‘(@@ (gnu packages commencement) coreutils-final)’ on powerpc64le-linux. E.g.: https://ci.guix.gnu.org/build/692547/details
The problem happens during the ‘check’ phase, because of two testsuite failures:
================================================ GNU coreutils 8.32: ./tests/test-suite.log================================================
# TOTAL: 620# PASS: 408# SKIP: 210# XFAIL: 0# FAIL: 2# XPASS: 0# ERROR: 0
The failures are:
FAIL: tests/misc/env-signal-handlerFAIL: tests/misc/timeout
In both of them, the problem is the same: the test expects the ‘timeout’ utility to print the name of the signal that is being sent, but for some reason it only prints the first letter of the name. E.g.:
+ diff -u exp-err6 err6--- exp-err6 2021-07-26 19:00:08.159279146 +0000+++ err6 2021-07-26 19:00:08.475277881 +0000@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@-timeout: sending signal INT to command 'env'-timeout: sending signal KILL to command 'env'+timeout: sending signal I to command 'env'+timeout: sending signal K to command 'env'
It’s interesting that this works as expected with the ‘coreutils-boot0’ package.
-- Thanks,Thiago
Thiago Jung Bauermann wrote on 5 Aug 01:36 +0200
(address . 49752-done@debbugs.gnu.org)
Both in the CI and on my laptop this problem happened under emulation.
I just tested on real hardware (a POWER8 VM on the Unicamp/IBM Minicloud) and couldn’t reproduce the problem. I tested with:
$ ./pre-inst-env guix build --check --rounds=5 \ -e '(@@ (gnu packages commencement) coreutils-final)'
On the core-updates-frozen branch at the following commit:
1685128e6e11 gnu: mesa-opencl, mesa-opencl-icd: Build all the LLVM targets again.
-- Thanks,Thiago
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