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Sharlatan Hellseher wrote on 1 Dec 2020 17:34
(name . guix-patches@gnu.org)(address . guix-patches@gnu.org)
Hi, I would like to package https://github.com/dimitri/pgloader,starting from minor dependencies. Regards. -- … наш разум - превосходная объяснительная машина которая способна найти смысл почти в чем угодно, истолковать любой феномен, но совершенно не в состоянии принять мысль о непредсказуемости.
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From a9335a844b284f44e4a76306ae43c0ecd2beb24f Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001From: =?UTF-8?q?=23R=CE=BBatan?= <sharlatanus@gmail.com>Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2020 14:39:02 +0000Subject: [PATCH] * gnu/packages/lisp-xyz.scm
[new] cl-log--- gnu/packages/lisp-xyz.scm | 36 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1 file changed, 36 insertions(+)
Toggle diff (56 lines)diff --git a/gnu/packages/lisp-xyz.scm b/gnu/packages/lisp-xyz.scmindex 2e6c059777..4e2b188ef1 100644--- a/gnu/packages/lisp-xyz.scm+++ b/gnu/packages/lisp-xyz.scm@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ ;;; Copyright © 2020 Dimakis Dimakakos <me@bendersteed.tech> ;;; Copyright © 2020 Oleg Pykhalov <go.wigust@gmail.com> ;;; Copyright © 2020 Adam Kandur <rndd@tuta.io>+;;; Copyright © 2020 sharlatan <sharlatanus@gmail.com> ;;; ;;; This file is part of GNU Guix. ;;;@@ -4282,6 +4283,41 @@ Python's WSGI and Ruby's Rack.") (define-public ecl-clack (sbcl-package->ecl-package sbcl-clack)) +(define-public sbcl-cl-log+ (let ((commit "8f4b766d51e02245c310526cf1e4534ce634f837")+ (revision "1"))+ (package+ (name "sbcl-cl-log")+ (version "1.0.1")+ (source+ (origin+ (method git-fetch)+ (uri (git-reference+ (url "https://github.com/nicklevine/cl-log")+ (commit commit)))+ (sha256+ (base32 "1r3z9swy1b59swvaa5b97is9ysrfmjvjjhhw56p7p5hqg93b92ak"))+ (file-name (git-file-name "cl-log" version))))+ (build-system asdf-build-system/sbcl)+ (synopsis "Common Lisp general purpose logging utility")+ (description "CL-LOG is a general purpose logging utility, loosely modelled+in some respects after Gary King's Log5. Its features include: logging to+several destinations at once, via \"messengers\", each messenger is tailored to+accept some log messages and reject others, and this tailoring can be changed+on-the-fly, very rapid processing of messages which are rejected by all+messengers, fully independent use of the utility by several different+sub-systems in an application, support for messengers which cl:format text to a+stream, support for messengers which do not invoke cl:format, timestamps in+theory accurate to internal-time-units-per-second.")+ (home-page "https://github.com/nicklevine/cl-log")+ (license license:expat))))++(define-public cl-log+ (sbcl-package->cl-source-package sbcl-cl-log))++(define-public ecl-log+ (sbcl-package->ecl-package sbcl-cl-log))+ (define-public sbcl-log4cl (let ((commit "611e094458504b938d49de904eab141285328c7c") (revision "1"))-- 2.26.2
zimoun wrote on 1 Dec 2020 22:11
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