icecat: can't go back to duckduckgo search results

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  • Jonathan Brielmaier
Jonathan Brielmaier wrote 6 days ago
(name . bug-guix)(address .
When you search for something with DuckDuckGo, click on a result andthen click on your browsers back button you end up at DDGs start pageand not the results page.
1. Enter "guix" in your search/address bar while having DDG as defaultsearch engine.2. Click on first result -> guix.gnu.org3. Now click after landing at our beautiful website on the browsers backbutton (<-)4. You end up at not at
This does NOT happen when you1. use DuckDuckGo in Chromium via it's address bar2. use DDG in Icecat starting from and not theaddress/search bar3. use Bing or Google via Icecat's address/search bar
I have disabled the "Spoof Referers" setting which comes from Icecat andis available at about:preferences#privacy
Icecat has some custom DDG search plugin:
Maybe that's breaking that. I don't know.