Workrave is not found by xfce4 run-program dialog nor xfce4-appfinder after install & reboot

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swedebugia wrote on 20 Jul 2018 15:33
(address .
launch from terminal works fine.

my config.scm is attached

workrave is installed in the user profile of sdb1

;; sdb config.scm (use-modules (gnu) (gnu services base) ; guix-service-type and -configuration? (gnu system file-systems) ; file-system-label (gnu system nss) ; nss (guix store)) ; (use-service-modules base desktop ; xfce pm ; tlp xorg shepherd) ; guix-servicy-type => ; shepherd-root-service-type (use-package-modules certs ; nss gnome ; gvfs xfce admin) ; for shepherd (operating-system (host-name "antelope") (timezone "Europe/Paris") (locale "sv_SE.utf8") ;; Assuming /dev/sda is the target hard disk, and "my-root" ;; is the label of the target root file system. (bootloader (bootloader-configuration (bootloader grub-bootloader) (target "/dev/sda") ;; Default to Ubuntu (default-entry 1) ;; Dual-boot entry (menu-entries (list (menu-entry (label "Ubuntu 16.04") (linux "/boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-128-generic") (linux-arguments '("root=/dev/sda5")) (initrd "/boot/initrd.img-4.4.0-128-generic")))))) (file-systems (cons* (file-system (device (file-system-label "my-root")) (mount-point "/") (type "ext4")) %base-file-systems)) (users (cons* (user-account (name "sdb") (comment "Alice's brother") (group "users") (supplementary-groups '("wheel" "netdev" "audio" "video")) (home-directory "/home/sdb")) (user-account (name "sdb1") (comment "Alice's brother") (group "users") (supplementary-groups '("wheel" "netdev" "audio" "video")) (home-directory "/home/sdb1")) %base-user-accounts)) ;; This is where we specify system-wide packages. (packages (cons* nss-certs ;for HTTPS access gvfs ;for user mounts %base-packages)) ;; Services (services (cons* (console-keymap-service "sv-latin1") (xfce-desktop-service) (service tlp-service-type (tlp-configuration (cpu-scaling-governor-on-ac '("conservative")))) (modify-services %desktop-services (guix-service-type config => (guix-configuration (inherit config) ;; Key is not needed. ;; is in the list by default (substitute-urls (cons* ;; "" "" ;; "" "" %default-substitute-urls))))) ) ) ;; closing operating-system )
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