<ncursesw/ncurses.h> not provided by the ncurses library

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宋文武 wrote on 11 Nov 2014 13:53
(address . bug-guix@gnu.org)
Hi, gtypist check and use ncurses header from that location,perhaps we should make a symlink in ncurses just as nixpkgs does.
And here is my patch for gtypist:
From 4cfd5ede203eb3a105a7396ccf784f756150f90c Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001From: =?UTF-8?q?=E5=AE=8B=E6=96=87=E6=AD=A6?= <iyzsong@gmail.com>Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 20:34:22 +0800Subject: [PATCH] gnu: Add GNU Typist.
* gnu/packages/games.scm (gtypist): New variable.--- gnu/packages/games.scm | 24 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1 file changed, 24 insertions(+)
Toggle diff (34 lines)diff --git a/gnu/packages/games.scm b/gnu/packages/games.scmindex df24c0d..5759c07 100644--- a/gnu/packages/games.scm+++ b/gnu/packages/games.scm@@ -462,3 +462,27 @@ you control to bounce a ball around the game zone destroying blocks with a proton ball. Each block carries a different point value. The more blocks you destroy, the better your score. The person with the highest score wins.") (license (x11-style "file://COPYING" "Very similar to the X11 licence."))))++(define-public gtypist+ (package+ (name "gtypist")+ (version "2.9.5")+ (source+ (origin+ (method url-fetch)+ (uri (string-append "mirror://gnu/gtypist/gtypist-"+ version ".tar.xz"))+ (sha256+ (base32+ "0xzrkkmj0b1dw3yr0m9hml2y634cc4h61im6zwcq57s7285z8fn1"))))+ (build-system gnu-build-system)+ (inputs `(("ncurses" ,ncurses)))+ (home-page "http://www.gnu.org/software/gtypist/")+ (synopsis "Universal typing tutor")+ (description+ "Typist is a typing tutor package built using Curses. The package has+tutorials, drills, and practice sessions to learn touch typing. The emphasis+is on the US computer keyboard layout, but lessons for Dvorak and other+keyboard types and languages are also included. The program also has Native+Language Support and is distributed with messages in many different languages.")+ (license gpl3+)))-- 1.9.2
Ludovic Courtès wrote on 11 Nov 2014 17:53
(name . 宋文武)(address . iyzsong@gmail.com)(address . 19018@debbugs.gnu.org)
宋文武 <iyzsong@gmail.com> skribis:
Toggle quote (3 lines)> Hi, gtypist check and use ncurses header from that location,> perhaps we should make a symlink in ncurses just as nixpkgs does.
I wonder what the Right Thing is. The ‘ncurses’ package explicitlypasses --includedir=$out/include because that’s what all the packages wehave so far expect.
If it turns out that a non-negligible number of packages expect headersto be under $out/include/ncursesw, then I agree that we should make asymlink.
In the meantime, since ncurses is a core package, could you just patchgtypist (in a ‘snippet’) to use the right headers?
(BTW, make sure to add a copyright line for you in the package.)
Thanks in advance!
Ludovic Courtès wrote on 10 Jun 2015 10:16
(address . request@debbugs.gnu.org)
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