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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
52984gimagereader: build failure: undefined referencesMon Jan 03 19:49:24+0100 2022Open
48785patch[PATCH 0/3] Update LightGBM and split frontends.Wed Jun 02 00:05:24+0200 2021Open
69980patch[PATCH 00/13] Update and cleanup pre-commit & friends.Sun Mar 24 14:40:25+0100 2024Open
47717Avoid system freezes by using earlyoom (with D-Bus notifications)Mon Apr 12 07:39:25+0200 2021Open
67921patch[PATCH haskell-team 1/3] gnu: ghc-next: Update to version 9.4.8Wed Dec 20 08:11:25+0100 2023Open
69803patch[PATCH rust-team 00/37] Add egui, gilrs and dependencies.Thu Mar 14 21:54:24+0100 2024Open