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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
40396linux-libre - BUG: Bad page state in processFri Apr 03 01:37:25+0200 2020Done
46095patch[PATCH] gnu: Add mingw-w64-tools.Mon Jan 25 11:22:24+0100 2021Done
46096patch[PATCH] gnu: make-mingw-w64: Use mirror:// link and fix lint errors.Mon Jan 25 11:51:24+0100 2021Done
46098patch[PATCH] gnu: gusb: Update to 0.3.5.Mon Jan 25 12:10:25+0100 2021Done
46139patch[PATCH] gnu: Add tpm2-tss.Wed Jan 27 19:42:25+0100 2021Done
46140patch[PATCH] gnu: Add libsmbios.Wed Jan 27 19:52:24+0100 2021Done
46142patch[PATCH] gnu: Add libjcat.Wed Jan 27 20:15:24+0100 2021Done
46224patch[PATCH] gnu: emacs-next-pgtk: Update to 28.0.50-0.ae18c8e.Mon Feb 01 07:33:25+0100 2021Done
46247patch[PATCH] gnu: git: Add credential-libsecret output.Tue Feb 02 00:35:24+0100 2021Done
46278patch[PATCH 2/2] gnu: Add fwupd.Thu Feb 04 00:15:26+0100 2021Done
46305patch[PATCH] gnu: miredo: Fix creation of .pid file.Thu Feb 04 23:34:24+0100 2021Done
46313patch[PATCH] gnu: Add chiaki.Fri Feb 05 04:18:25+0100 2021Open
46315patch[PATCH] gnu: guile-json-4: Update to 4.5.2.Fri Feb 05 05:18:24+0100 2021Done
46319patch[PATCH] gnu: xorriso: Update to 1.5.4.Fri Feb 05 06:39:25+0100 2021Done
46321patch[PATCH] gnu: parted: Update to 3.4.Fri Feb 05 06:55:24+0100 2021Done
46371patch[PATCH] gnu: lz4: Disable parallel testing.Sun Feb 07 20:48:24+0100 2021Done
46434patch[PATCH] gnu: procps: Update provided programs list in description.Thu Feb 11 03:22:25+0100 2021Done
46435patch[PATCH] gnu: Add netdata.Thu Feb 11 09:10:25+0100 2021Open
46484patch[PATCH 0/4] Update postgresql packages.Sat Feb 13 08:54:24+0100 2021Done
46488patch[PATCH] gnu: gnome-keyring: Propagate gcr to fix unlock prompts.Sat Feb 13 13:15:25+0100 2021Done
46823patch[PATCH 1/3] gnu: Add python-readability.Sat Feb 27 23:35:25+0100 2021Done
46885patch[PATCH] gnu: artanis: Update to 0.5.Wed Mar 03 02:15:25+0100 2021Done
46952"guix build --keep-failed" and offloadingFri Mar 05 22:23:25+0100 2021Open
46959securitypatch[PATCH 0/1] WIP: gnu: newlib: Fix CVE-2021-3420.Sat Mar 06 06:04:25+0100 2021Open
47033patch[PATCH] gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Add xdg-utils to PATH with wrapper.Wed Mar 10 03:36:25+0100 2021Done
47034patch[PATCH] gnu: unzip: Add patches from Fedora [security fixes].Wed Mar 10 08:30:25+0100 2021Done
47081patch[PATCH 0/5] gnu: Remove mongodb.Fri Mar 12 01:56:25+0100 2021Done
47154ungoogled-chromium@88.0.4324.182 package vulnerable to various severe CVEsMon Mar 15 09:44:25+0100 2021Done
47172Shepherd 0.8.1 tests fail on core-updatesMon Mar 15 19:51:25+0100 2021Done
47185securitygrub2 package is vulnerable to CVE-2020-14372, CVE-2020-25632, CVE-2020-25647, CVE-2020-27749, CVE-2020-27779, CVE-2021-20225, CVE-2021-20233 and CVE-2021-3418Tue Mar 16 09:08:43+0100 2021Done
47186python2 variants made through (package-with-python2 (strip-python2-variant ...)) don't inherit graftsTue Mar 16 09:32:25+0100 2021Done
47188security"guix lint -c cve" does not account for language prefixes (rust-,python-,go-,..)Tue Mar 16 10:29:25+0100 2021Open
47217generic-html updater does not work with sqlite packageWed Mar 17 19:27:25+0100 2021Open
47218notabugglibc 2.33's HWCAPS and GCC Function Multiversioning for performanceWed Mar 17 20:00:24+0100 2021Done
47226notabugfennel package not working with generic-html refresh updaterThu Mar 18 10:05:24+0100 2021Done
47227Create git-tag refresh updaterThu Mar 18 10:06:24+0100 2021Open
47228notabugCheck binary consistency after grafting with e.g. lddThu Mar 18 11:37:25+0100 2021Done
47230notabugBuild phase to graft during build for better grafts QAThu Mar 18 12:38:24+0100 2021Done
47231securitysqlite package is vulnerable to CVE-2020-11655, CVE-2020-11656, CVE-2020-13434, CVE-2020-13435, CVE-2020-13630, CVE-2020-13631, CVE-2020-13632, CVE-2020-15358 and CVE-2020-9327Thu Mar 18 12:42:25+0100 2021Done
47256generic-html updater does not work for mediainfo packageFri Mar 19 11:12:25+0100 2021Done
47257securitymariadb is vulnerable to CVE-2021-27928 (RCE)Fri Mar 19 11:25:25+0100 2021Done
47259securitypython-pillow-simd package vulnerable to at least CVE-2021-25293Fri Mar 19 11:37:25+0100 2021Done
47319securitypython-lxml is vulnerable to CVE-2021-28957Mon Mar 22 15:09:25+0100 2021Done
47342securityjava-xstream@1.4.15 is vulnerable to CVE-2021-21341, CVE-2021-21342, CVE-2021-21343, CVE-2021-21344, CVE-2021-21345, CVE-2021-21346, CVE-2021-21347, CVE-2021-21348, CVE-2021-21349, CVE-2021-21350 and CVE-2021-21351Tue Mar 23 15:33:25+0100 2021Done
47351securitypython-pygments@2.7.3 is vulnerable to at least CVE-2021-20270Wed Mar 24 00:20:25+0100 2021Done
47375guix test failure: tests/printThu Mar 25 02:44:24+0100 2021Done
47398generic-html updater does not work for exiv2 packageFri Mar 26 01:46:25+0100 2021Done
47418securityimagemagick is vulnerable to CVE-2020-27829Fri Mar 26 20:52:25+0100 2021Done
47420securitybinutils is vulnerable to CVE-2021-20197 (and various others)Fri Mar 26 21:41:24+0100 2021Done
47422securitytar is vulnerable to CVE-2021-20193Fri Mar 26 22:31:25+0100 2021Done
47433patch[PATCH 0/2] gnu: Add lagrange.Sat Mar 27 14:45:24+0100 2021Done
47509securityOpenEXR may be vulnerable to CVE-2021-3474, CVE-2021-3476 and CVE-2021-3475Wed Mar 31 03:47:25+0200 2021Done
47510securitycflow is vulnerable to CVE-2019-16165 and CVE-2019-16166Wed Mar 31 03:50:24+0200 2021Done
47542securityfixedrust-stackvector package is vulnerable to CVE-2021-29939Thu Apr 01 15:47:25+0200 2021Done
47544securityrust-slice-deque is vulnerable to CVE-2021-29938Thu Apr 01 16:08:26+0200 2021Open
47562securityjava-eclipse-jetty-* packages are vulnerable to CVE-2021-28165, CVE-2021-28164 and CVE-2021-28163 (also probably MANY others, 4y w/o upgrade)Fri Apr 02 12:37:24+0200 2021Done
47563securitycurl is vulnerable to CVE-2021-22890 and CVE-2021-22876Fri Apr 02 16:04:25+0200 2021Done
47573make check-system fails on masterSat Apr 03 00:30:25+0200 2021Done
47587'guix system edit' subcommandSun Apr 04 02:19:24+0200 2021Open
47622securityvigra package is vulnerable to CVE-2021-30046Tue Apr 06 19:21:24+0200 2021Open
47624securityVarious IP handling perl packages may be vulnerableTue Apr 06 21:05:25+0200 2021Open
47627securitysyncthing package is vulnerable to CVE-2021-21404Wed Apr 07 00:40:25+0200 2021Done