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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
61027patch[PATCH] Add flatpak-builder.Mon Jan 23 13:06:25+0100 2023Open
71962Flatpak applications fail to launch with systemd-related errorSat Jul 06 03:32:24+0200 2024Open
70099patch[PATCH] gnu: flatpak: Pass system icons and fonts.Sun Mar 31 08:43:25+0200 2024Open
53134org.signal.Signal on flatpak can't execvp xdg-settingsSun Jan 09 04:07:25+0100 2022Open
39950flatpack packages can't open external applicationsFri Mar 06 15:41:25+0100 2020Open
56567[BUG] Gnome doesn't recognize applications path for flatpakFri Jul 15 03:07:25+0200 2022Open
44997Flatpaks are invisible to application launchersTue Dec 01 21:33:25+0100 2020Open
65111GnuCash cannot get online quotesSun Aug 06 11:31:25+0200 2023Open
71897patch[PATCH 0/3] gnu: telegram-desktop: Update to 5.2.1.Tue Jul 02 07:18:24+0200 2024Open
68228patch[PATCH] gnu: Add gnome-software.Wed Jan 03 07:31:24+0100 2024Open
67013Default X cursor showing up in flatpak applicationsThu Nov 09 09:04:25+0100 2023Open
57682gnome-session and libpcre crash due to environment variable's lengthThu Sep 08 18:58:26+0200 2022Open
57681gnome-session and libpcreThu Sep 08 18:58:25+0200 2022Open
53514Guix should not set global variables that may affect hostMon Jan 24 23:24:25+0100 2022Open
17152GNU Guix backend for PackageKit / Gnome-SoftwareMon Mar 31 22:11:26+0200 2014Open
62916patch[PATCH core-updates 0/2] Try to fix p11-kit compilation to mingwTue Apr 18 00:26:25+0200 2023Open
53447patch[PATCH] doc: Unset environment variables considered harmfulSat Jan 22 15:16:24+0100 2022Open
70444Broken Emoticons in BrowsersThu Apr 18 00:03:24+0200 2024Open
59936patch[PATCH] gnu: Add xdg-desktop-portal-lxqt.Sat Dec 10 05:12:25+0100 2022Open
41037documentation for application developers?Sun May 03 01:37:24+0200 2020Open
45064patch[PATCH 0/2] Set environment variables for GTK+ input methods via profile startup filesSun Dec 06 07:06:24+0100 2020Open
44053Poor profile generation performance on spinning disksSun Oct 18 05:36:25+0200 2020Open
37369Getting network-manager-openconnect to workTue Sep 10 13:21:25+0200 2019Open
71816Emacs as build tool fails to launch after updateFri Jun 28 09:38:24+0200 2024Open
35586GNOME Core ApplicationsSun May 05 20:20:24+0200 2019Open
62284patch[PATCH 00/70] gnu: Add mautrix-whatsapp.Mon Mar 20 00:25:25+0100 2023Open
47717Avoid system freezes by using earlyoom (with D-Bus notifications)Mon Apr 12 07:39:25+0200 2021Open
44776SIGSEGV in BraseroSat Nov 21 11:29:24+0100 2020Open
46075[liferea]: Update +Sun Jan 24 17:23:24+0100 2021Open