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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
41235guix deploy can't deploy with a user different than rootWed May 13 17:30:24+0200 2020Open
41236guix deploy error message can be too obscure to understandWed May 13 17:42:25+0200 2020Open
41238guix deploy close ssh session after each store items sentWed May 13 18:33:24+0200 2020Open
41243guix deploy doesn't respect machine-ssh-configuration-identity fieldWed May 13 21:58:25+0200 2020Open
43763guix deploy sometimes fail with error "failed to start Guile on remote host 'myhost'"Fri Oct 02 16:07:24+0200 2020Open
44893`guix deploy` doesn't recognize option --dry-runThu Nov 26 21:11:25+0100 2020Open
45692patch[PATCH 0/4] Even Better ZFS Support on GuixWed Jan 06 16:52:24+0100 2021Open
46756guix deploy not copying remote-gexp.scmWed Feb 24 18:59:25+0100 2021Open
46757Guix deploy doesn't seem to be respecting (build-locally? #f)Wed Feb 24 19:05:24+0100 2021Open
46760guix deploy doesn't seem to be authorizing the machine that is deploying to the remoteThu Feb 25 00:56:25+0100 2021Open
48923patch[PATCH] build: utils: Add ‘call-with-outpTue Jun 08 17:41:24+0200 2021Open
50206guix deploy failed with exit code 1Thu Aug 26 00:05:24+0200 2021Open
50468Should `guix deploy` save to the deployed server the operating-system, or the entire file passed into the command?Wed Sep 08 05:09:24+0200 2021Open
50977digital-ocean-environment-type failsSat Oct 02 21:50:25+0200 2021Open
51259Cannot build Guix from source (error messages about the translations)Mon Oct 18 06:01:24+0200 2021Open
51294Error/bug: bootstrapping a new guix source treeWed Oct 20 00:45:24+0200 2021Open