I'm running XWayland and, at one point, it just stopped working (would launch in X, instead); it's been a while since I ran it (I've been running this version, instead) but I think that was why I wrote this up. Even when it was working, launching it from an X app. would cause it to run as X. I remember it being really annoying in unexpected ways and not always predictable.
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> * gnu/packages/web-browsers.scm (qutebrowser/wayland): New variable.
> ---
> Create a package that can be used with Wayland, like UnGoogled
> Chromium and Icecat have.

There's a difference though; here qutebrowser uses Qt, and qtwayland
works as a plugin, so as long as it's found in your user profile it
should just work.  Is it not the case?

I'd like to avoid adding package variants if possible.