Hello All,

I believe I have stumbled on an issue with how the libraries in glibc are stored.
If I run "ld -lrt" it reports "ld: cannot find -lrt: No such file or directory"
Meanwhile, I can find librt with "ldconfig -p | grep librt": "librt.so.1 ... => /gnu/store/...".

In order to get ld to find librt I need to take the following steps:
- make a folder I can write to (not .~/guix-profile/lib)
- symlink ~/.guix-profile/lib/librt.so.1 to /my-folder/librt.so
- add the corresponding option to ld: "ld -lrt -L ~/lib"
Then ld is able to find librt.

I stumbled on this while trying to compile a rust project with "cargo build".
Compiling any dependency that relied on libc failed on linking to librt.

Feel free to let me know if there is some Guix facility I should be using instead. I am pretty new to this. I tried using cargo in a Guix shell but the same problem persisted.