Also, I can't build gdcm from the main guix repo although it builds perfectly fine in my local checkout. The cause is three failing tests. Attached is a patch to ignore them.

I'm really sorry about this.
Is there something else I could have done to catch this before submitting?

Tor-björn Claesson

Den fre 20 jan. 2023 kl 13:30 skrev Tor-björn Claesson <>:

Den tis 17 jan. 2023 kl 16:38 skrev Ludovic Courtès <>:

In general, we don’t install documentation as PDF/PS, unless there’s no
other choice (preferred formats are Info, man pages, and HTML).

Is there such an option?
The new version of the patch builds HTML documentation, but not man-pages (because of a xsl-requirement and including libxslt as a native input causes the build to fail.)

I wrote the previous answer in a rush, and failed to properly address this question. For this I apologize, it was not meant to be disrespectful.