There's a trick for patches: they are loaded from the search path, so you can add the file to any empty directory and add that directory to the load path.

For instance, if you have ~/guix-patches/my.patch, then you can build a package that looks for my.patch with:

guix build -L ~/guix-patches

Le 13 novembre 2022 19:54:03 GMT+01:00, Garek Dyszel <> a écrit :
I'm in UTC-0400, so your first email arrived in my inbox at around
04:00. Sorry I didn't see these!

At 10:17 2022-11-13 UTC+0100, Julien Lepiller wrote:
I tried building your file (it's technically not a manifest) and
indeed it's failing in the chack-findlib-path.

You're right that it's not a manifest. I had put a (packages->manifest)
invocation at the end of the file to see why coq-elpi wasn't building.
Later I just threw a package at the end when testing it later, and
forgot that the file then became a package file.

Why do you want to run it?

I knew that ocamlfind wasn't able to find the file coq-elpi.elpi when
building coq-mathcomp-hierarchy-builder. I was trying to test for the
presence of that file...

There's no way it could work at this point, right after the check
phase, since the package is not even installed yet.

...and I thought that the phase 'check' came after the phase 'install'
for some reason :/

Also, the OCAMLPATH that would allow findlib to find it is not set to
the outputs, only to the inputs.

Looks like I'll need to take a closer look at ocaml-build-system!

At 11:53 2022-11-13 UTC+0100, Julien Lepiller wrote:
So, I've had a further look at the sources for the failing packages
and figured that some variables were missing in the make-flags.

Tweaking the make-flags is exactly what's been occupying my time for the
last few months off and on, yep :)

Attached is the fixed version of your file that builds

Wow! Thanks so much! I can finally move to using it instead of building
it, although trying to get it to build was still a lot of fun :)

Note that the build of mathcomp-analysis is
very quiet and takes a long time, but it works eventually.

For anybody else who might be reading this thread, it took about 12
minutes to build on my system. I ran 'guix gc' beforehand to get an
accurate number:
$ until guix gc && time guix build -Kf coq-mathcomp-analysis.scm;\
$ do sleep 0.1; done

real 11m18.769s
user 0m7.332s
sys 0m0.490s

Out of curiosity, where did you put the patch file so that (patches
(search-patches "ocaml-elpi-fix-yojson.patch")) worked? My system throws
this error, so I had to switch the patch's path back: "guix build:
error: ocaml-elpi-fix-yojson.patch: patch not found".