The latest xscreensaver patch rendered xscreensaver unusable on my systems. When I try to unlock my screen I am greeted with the message 'xscreensaver: don't login as root', even though I don't invoke it as root. 

$xscreensaver-command -lock
Aug  9 08:45:22 localhost shepherd[1]: [slim] xscreensaver-gfx: 08:45:22: 1: running as root: not launching hacks.
Aug  9 09:10:29 localhost shepherd[1]: [slim] xscreensaver-command: locking
Aug  9 09:10:32 localhost shepherd[1]: [slim] xscreensaver-gfx: 09:10:32: 0: running as root: not launching hacks.

When I remove the 
(screen-locker-service xscreensaver)
I run into all kinds of set-uid problems. 

I will happily provide more information if needed.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Rick Huijzer