Hi Guix!

I came across some weird behavior with guix home.  I wanted to recreate a working home environment from one machine on another (because I need a working qutebrowser install :3).  I did this by doing "guix pull --allow-downgrades -C" on my non-working computer using a channels file on the working one generated with "guix package --export-channels".  However, when I did "guix home reconfigure ...", old versions of packages were NOT installed.  I was able to downgrade the desired package with "guix package -i" (only that package was downgraded).

My understanding is that "guix home reconfigure" SHOULD behave like "guix package --manifest", and install all packages in the most recent guix pull.

Very minor and not impeding me, but thought y'all should know,
-Zacchaeus Scheffer