here is a patch set to update the sway window manager to latest version 1.7.

Since it updates wayland packages and libdrm is there a way how to test all the packages which are effected?

Currently I list the affected packages like this:

./pre-inst-env guix refresh --list-dependent <UPDATED PACKAGES>

I can use sed to remove the versions and also remove guix-minimal from the list
sed "s/@[-\.a-zA-Z0-9]* / /g" | sed "s/guix-minimal//g"

Finally I call the build itself
xargs ./pre-inst-env guix build

Since it touches lots of packages I expect it will go to core-updates, right? Should I mark the patches somehow (next time)?

There is package xf86-video-freedreno, but it also fails to build without the patches and by quick check the last commit is ~5yrs old.

Also should I test all the packages to build? I stopped at ungoogled-chromium as that requires a lot of resources and time.