Hello Brendan,

Em terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2021, às 06:07:52 -03, Brendan Tildesley escreveu:

> I just got this test failure on x86_64 (AMD 5800X):


> lsns: ownership and hierarchy                                  ... FAILED

> (lsns/ioctl_ns)


> Maybe the test needs to be disabled completely.

It was, on the core-updates-frozen branch. When it is merged to master, then you won’t run the test anymore even on x86_64-linux.

> It only happened once thoughout of ~10 --check's. Has the issue been

> reported upstream?

I wasn’t aware that the test failed intermitently. That’s unfortunate. From a quick search online, I’m not seeing any report of this problem.

One thing which I did find was this recent change to the ioctl_ns test:


Apparently it doesn’t work when run inside a namespace.

> Also, the tests used all 16 threads despite it running make test -c 8,

> but it guess thats unrelated.

I agree, that would be a separate issue.