I am ready to test this. I finally reconfigured my system last night, but I have some questions about patching guix and testing.

The guix I would reconfigure in order to test this would be ‘master’ with the patch applied. I think I should be alright applying the patch (I am noob). If it doesn’t apply right, I can figure it out, but then I’ll need to update the patch right? 

Is git capable of doing this? 

Or should I use a tool like ediff/patchwork?

I have the guix checked out with Google repo via https://github.com/ectorepo/guix. This pulls down the latest copy of everything on savannah under the guix project.

2022年1月22日(土) 午前1:55 David Conner <aionfork@gmail.com>:
I have a late 2013 Macbook Pro with two Thunderbolt 2 ports.

They work if the TB device is inserted on boot, but after you disconnect a device, it no longer functions when you reconnect it. It show that the kernel recognizes the device in `dmesg` and  that the PCIe port is registered in `lspci -k` But the device is not found in `nmcli dev status`. The device I'm testing is an Apple Ethernet adapter. 

I am still in the learning phase where I'm trying to reconfigure my machine, but I have the guix repo cloned and I'm planning on contributing patches to packages on other channels. I will hopefully be in the position where I can test this soon.