Hi, I've been having difficulties since the the recent linphone updates. I know some work has been done on the package in recent commits, so just a few minutes ago I ran

guix time-machine -- environment --ad-hoc linphone-desktop

christopher@theoden ~ [env]$ guix describe
Generation 14 Apr 01 2021 13:21:37 (current)
  guix 079a7f2
    repository URL: https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/guix.git
    branch: master
    commit: 079a7f2c65c51da7b53b0e5ef44c516dc8eaab6e

The two problems I get running the program are:

(1) I get non-descript error icons when I send messages to contacts (though the messages seem to get through)

(2) old messages do not appear when I start the application

(3) messages from others appear in notifications window but not in the app screen

(4) sometimes get a segfault upon replying to a message

Ideally I should test with a clean linphone profile but haven't gotten to it yet due to being busy.

For now I am using an inferior to run linphoneqt from commit 3f1b2bd322b6cdba99a43d08e5e8464f7424cbc5, which still works great.

Christopher Howard