Oh! That would explain why I had so much trouble fixing/updating ibus and ibus-anthy!

We should probably fix ibus so it regenerates its cache when it's a different process. It could be as simple as using a subdirectory computed from the absolute name of the ibus binary, maybe.

Le 3 avril 2021 03:31:44 GMT-04:00, Mark H Weaver <mhw@netris.org> a écrit :
I wrote:
I still have no clue where the reference to that mysterious old version
(/gnu/store/a4r6q1fbfqapy5hrrxap1yg96rjgln6q-ibus-1.5.22) is coming

I found them:


On my system, those files include absolute pathnames to programs in
/gnu/store/a4r6q1fbfqapy5hrrxap1yg96rjgln6q-ibus-1.5.22, which I
compiled last December.

That old store item has been kept safe from GC for only one reason:
because 'ibus-daemon', along with its subprocesses, tend to be running
whenever I run "guix gc", and "guix gc" protects store items that are
currently in use by active processes.