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Are you saying that the upgrade of the guix did broke the boot system? But they show not message. How do I reinstall the boot using the pendrive of Guix System Installation? Can I boot from pendrive then install the grub? I think I need to think like a Guix user because guix deamon control many think.

I need to warning the GNU community that the grup.pdf has no instruction about how to boot a HDD from a pendrive manually.

The Trisquel and Guix System pendrive show not option to HDD boot. I think this option exist with a normal situation.

Thanks for the feedback.

Em sáb, 30 de jan de 2021 06:17, Maxime Devos <maximedevos@telenet.be> escreveu:
On Fri, 2021-01-29 at 21:02 -0300, Pablo Ferreira wrote:
> No, I can't.
> Not now. I can't boot the system, only use android. I have to boot with my pen drive with Trisquel 8.

I'm presuming a setup like this:

* Computer, with following hardware:
  + Hard disk, with broken Guix System+GRUB installation.
  + USB ports, in which a USB drive with a functioning Trisquel is installed
  + Keyboard, screen, etc.

Would it be possible to boot Trisquel on the computer (via the pendrive),
and on the live system mount the relevant filesystems of the hard disk.
(E.g. using gnome-disks, which has a nice interface.)

Here's some speculative troubleshooting:

> > > When I change from uefi to legacy, the system show what you can see in the
> > > picture.
Legacy == BIOS and UEFI == that other boot system, right?
The GRUB variants for these are the ‘grub’ package and the ‘grub-efi’
package I think (see 10.13 Bootloader Configuration). The bootloader
variant and the booting system probably need to match.

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