On 10/9/20 11:22 pm, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
Brendan Tildesley <mail@brendan.scot> writes:

I guess then we should patch wrap-program to add

(when (wrapper? prog)
    (error (string-append prog " is a wrapper. Refusing to wrap.")))
Should it really refuse to wrap or *add* its variables to the existing

If there is a /bin/foo and /bin/.foo-real created by wrap-program, and we are to run another wrap-program phase, under what circumstances would it not be a mistake to call (wrap-program "/bin/.foo-real") instead of (wrap-program "/bin/foo")? And if the first one was called, probably it was because find-files was used and the packager didn't realise it was happening, and therefore it will be double-wrapped, like gedit is.