any ETA on this fix? i think i need it.

i tried to add a `wrap-script-or-program` to `python-build-system`: attempt to use `wrap-scipt`, and in case of a `no-interpreter-found` error fall back to `wrap-program`. (motivated by trezor-agent relying on sys.argv[0], which is ruined by `wrap-program`)

the result of my change was that building `serf` dies, and i suspect that because of this bug.

the output:

command "scons" "-j" "8" "APR=/gnu/store/gxq63qb00yn11vv875n7l9fffs2gmgxp-apr-1.6.5" "APU=/gnu/store/gl2wzkld26ry7xainbbbwgrz493925xn-apr-util-1.6.1" "OPENSSL=/gnu/store/ixm51m1jcfw4rhvwnd690szfv2w3pcsm-openssl-1.1.1j" "ZLIB=/gnu/store/rykm237xkmq7rl1p0nwass01p090p88x-zlib-1.2.11" "PREFIX=/gnu/store/pgs8b7410lap9ax68wbq2j5kyhhb3kwf-serf-1.3.9" failed with status 127

note that after my change `scons` is wrapped as a script, not as a program.

i tried to apply this fix, and retry, but it seems to cause the rebuilding of the entire world -- and i'm on a laptop... :)

so, i think i'll just wait until this fix reaches main, and i'll retry after that.

- attila
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