that's a great one to hear, thank you!

I'll try it out over the weekend.

Dnia 25 sierpnia 2019 22:53:17 CEST, "Ludovic Courtès" <> napisał(a):

Diego Nicola Barbato <> skribis:

When converting certain PDF files to PostScript pdf2ps (from the
Ghostscript package) will print the following error messages:

**** Error reading a content stream. The page may be incomplete.
Output may be incorrect.
**** Error: File did not complete the page properly and may be damaged.
Output may be incorrect.

sirmacik <> skribis:

Unfortunately this is something that affects also printing from
pdfs. At this point I can see what my printing result will look like
by opening it in GNU Emacs DocView.

Good news everyone! Commit 466ff55c72959ba1499ce3ec69f534b3038eb30b
fixes it! The next commit makes a graft so that the working Ghoscript
is readily available to CUPS, etc.

It turned out that the primary issue was that Freetype was not found at
configure-time, due to the lack of pkg-config… The commit above
improves a couple of other things in passing, but adding Freetype for
good is apparently the decisive change.

Please let me know if DocView, pdf2ps, and CUPS and all right for you!