I'm not sure about the reason of this behavior but if configure guix --with-store-dir=/var/tmp/test_guix/gnu/store for exemple, the tests for gettext failed with a permission denied for test-copy-file-1.sh.

If i configure guix with a store to $HOME/.local, everything run smoothly.

Please find attached : 

- my guix build script from git for this test

- the test-suite.log

The daemon was launched like this :


$ sudo ./pre-inst-env guix-daemon --build-users-group=guixbuild --no-substitutes -c 4 -M 4 --debug


The package installation command : 


$ ./pre-inst-env guix package -i hello --no-grafts --fallback -K


The permissions on /var /var/tmp :

$ stat -c "%a %n" /var /var/tmp
755 /var
1777 /var/tmp

If I take a look at the test-copy-file-1.sh, it seems that the /var/tmp is present inside the build chroot cause TMPDIR is defined as /var/tmp instead of /tmp.
$ head -n10 /tmp/guix-build-gettext-minimal-

# Test copy-file on the file system of /var/tmp, which usually is a local
# file system.

if test -d /var/tmp; then

In the "Build Environment Setup" documentation section, there is a mention about /tmp to be writable inside the chroot but there is no mention about /var/tmp and haven't seen a section for /var/tmp chroot inside guix file "build.cc".

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