On 07/31/18 05:54, Gábor Boskovits wrote:

Brendan Tildesley <brendan.tildesley@openmailbox.org> ezt írta (időpont: 2018. júl. 30., H, 17:44):
 Could you elaborate on this a bit more?
i.e. what was the commit fixing the issue?
on which branch?
or we just don't notice the behavior any more?
Also, please add the title of the bug, so we can see what bug is closed without visiting the bugtracker.

Sorry, it's the first time I've closed a bug, I just learnt it could be done by sending and email to NUMBER-close@... and sent a blank email.

The fix is contained in the commits



and include only changes to the ecryptfs-utils package. I tried my best to find all cases in the source with hard-coded paths. Feel free to inspect it further if you like. For me at least, I'm able to mount my ecryptfs folder with these patches.