Hm... I followed the example of mail.scm and implemented the protocol. I also thought a pure scheme implementation would be prefered. I didn't really think of anything else.

I guess I could use the host utility to query the test server. Or if I can change the default dns server, I could use hostent:addr-list that I have just found in the manual. That would be better I think.

I'll try these methods.

Le 16 août 2017 11:09:03 GMT+02:00, Ricardo Wurmus <> a écrit :

Hi Julien,

This patch aims at adding a system test for knot. I've implemented the
DNS protocol to be able to communicate with the server and try some
queries. Unfortunately, although the server seems to be launched (the
first test passes), it then refuses to answer. Do you see anything
wrong, or anything I could do to understand why it doesn't pass?

It looks like overkill to implement DNS queries with bytevectors from
the ground up. Is there not an easier way to make a DNS test?

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